CMS are using me as a bank and have put me and my kids in financial hardship

September 11, 2017

Hello please help

I’m at my wits end with Cms

17 months doe

From 84 per month in 2014

I fell into arrears started paying the end Nov 2014 the amount was never 84 or 33 per week which I had in writing from the cms

2015 the payments where never enough kept increasing

2015 I had a verbal agreelection to pay 10% of my income in child payments this was accepted I paid both rejected the payment said I was a default payer and 378 in a doe was taken from my wages Unreasonable contacted Cms they said it was would reduce to 250 this was a lie Jan 2016 378 was taken again Letter from local mp stating that payments are putting me in hardship By losing 400 I had to goto a food Bank Cms not concerned I paid the doe it went to 250 then 228 I went to tribunal that took 5 attempts The judge said he could do nothing about the doe but if the Cms had agreed that 33 per week should be paid It took three months for Cms to reject the judges de cecion And Cms increased payment 295 I phoned m wrote to them pleaded to reduce the payments and to come off the doe Grejected refused and had to carry on the doe I paid the statory amount 295 I asked for an audit about how much I owed and how much arrears The audit tool 6 months and was in correct missing payments They said I had to provide proof that I’d paid ?

Bit silly since it was a doe from income

2017 I asked to come off the doe

That said not in my children’s best interests to stop method of payment Then finally they agreed to standing order said if paI’d 6 payments of 230 all arrears and debt ? Would be frozen another lie i paid 4 payments of 230 a letter stating 230 for 30x more payments I stopped paying because I felt that Cms had been dishonest A lenter August 2017 said 87 per week till next year 50% of my income I’ve been off on sick leave for 6 weeks and another till 15 next month If a famiky based arrangement is what the government is looking for then how and why can I be criminalised by Cms Makes no sense I work offered to pay towards my children’s needs and I own my own home and regular contact Cms see me as a bank a means to make profit Has nothing to do with children needs Putting me in hardship is also putting my kids in hardship The audit said I earned 15500 I did in 2014 2015 and most of 2016 they said reduce my income by 2500 I did but the doe was 295 so I reduced my income but the audit did not show it I asked for working tax ,13,100 Was too much So how can 430 be fair reasonable The pressure of my vindictive ex using Cms as another weapon to deny the kids contact Stress over money I earn a crap wage with no help or support Two years of contacts costs where rejected because I said it never existed it did not reduce my bill But the added up that to my arrears Now 4000 in arrears even though I had been paying 10 standing orders to a fba 17 does 4 standing orders Ice nowhere courts nowhere Cms nowhere Threats and threatening letters plenty I will lose my home because it’s priced me out of employment Now another does 320 till next year I feel like giving up It’s abuse abusive practice fraud dishonest lack common sense integrity And Cms are in contradiction to its own mission statements Help I’m drowning in brown letters stupid phone calls Stupid people This whole action is repudiation.


  • David says:

    Hi there

    It certainly is extremely difficult trying to deal with the CSA on your own. When it is your own case, it causes you to encounter high negative emotions and extreme anxiety because the Agency does not care no matter how hard you try to get matters resolved. Trying to updating them on your circumstances is a waste of time unless they are the ones to benefit from it. This is why I always advise people to seek help.

    Your case needs to be completely Reviewed and any mistakes by the CSA/CMS challenged but it can be a long process. If mistakes have been made (and I am certain there have been) and they refuse to put it right, you should have a right to address it in the Tribunal. If that fails, then either you did not have effective representation or your case was faulty.

    You could also involve the ICE but they have no power. They can only make recommendation with the Agency largely ignores.

    You need help so contact me at [email protected] and we can discuss your next steps.

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