CSA say I owe them arrears

October 12, 2009

I was paying maintenance until it has supposed to have ended on 7th july 09. The maintenance was £205 per month. The maintenance has apparentley stopped now but they now say i must pay back arrears at a cost of £453 per month?? You try to explain that you have paid for your childs up keep (buying clothes etc) over the years and they turn round and say they are classed as gifts!!!

Out of the frying pan into the fire springs to mind.

CSA lost all of my details

October 11, 2009

after leaveing my ex in 1997 i started paying regular payment of 196 every 4 weeks (25% of my wage) or so they say , after setting up home with my current wife in 2005 i asked for a reassesment , sent off all the docs they asked for a sat waiting for this lovely reassesment , in the mean time the lovely csa continued to take 196 every 4 weeks , well this stopped due to me being sacked early on 2005 , and i never got anymoney taken from my dole , well i signed on to do agency work some times working 1 day a week sometimes more depending if they had work for me , well its better than being on the dole . 2008 comes and i marry my partner and find a job , still no assesment , so we phoned them and find out i owe 5400 quid , what ? anyway my ex closes the case ( yip i have a letter to prove it from the csa) then the calls start , you owe us 5400 and we want 250  a month off of you , well i have 2 other kids i must support now ( stepkids) there father pays us £5 every other week for them if we are lucky so i provide for them , still no assesment done , well i get a nice call threatening me with court,bailiffs and everything this woman sue could throw at me . well knowing a bit about the law , i told this nice lady that she couldnt a) ask me to borrow money off family/friends

b) not ask me to get into debit with banks by borrowing more money to pay them off

c) not to threaten me like she had by “seeing me in court”

all these bits are borrowed from the law governing debit collectors and the way they can operate , as she told me she was debit collectors side of the csa

well the story goes on , they asked me nicely from there hastings branch to send me details from 2005 , wage slips and housing rents, council tax details , well i said i sent them in 2005 and youve lost them , funny enough after a few weeks of serching there records they magicley found all my details and told me i was going to be reassest on a closed case ( firstly told me that as it was closed they could do nothing ) and that heres £50 to keep your mouth shut and be quiet , well march this comes and they phone me to say i must pay 225 a month to pay these arrears off , and i said ill give up my job and pay you £2.50 every week , “no need to be like that i was told ” well i only earn 900 a month and thats to pay bills support my stepkids and wife . i said at a push maybe £150 well they started taking that straight away from my wages , i was pushed into this “volentaraly” deductions they tell me or they could put a court order on for the full 225 , well again i get a few calls off of them and in june they say the paperwork has been sent up to crewe for final assesment and that i should hear back in the next 4 weeks , well its october now and after spending most of the day on the phone to them ( after trying to get a ring back that should have been done today) i find the assesment STILL hasnt been done and that they couldnt tell me why not , ive emailed my complaint to they complaints dept ( what a laugh) tonight but doubt ill get much further than im already am , ive asked for all payments to be stopped till they sort it out ,

i know i owe money not disbuting that , all im disputing is how much they think i owe due to the fact since 2005 ive been in a relationship and now married when they assest me as a single man on £18000 a year when im married and on £14000 a year

all im asking is to be treated fair !

Any advice on dealing with the CSA would be appreciated

October 10, 2009

My boyfriend has been split up from his baby’s mother for over 8 years. We have her every weekend – Fri, Sat, and late on a sunday. We have at least 2 weeks away a year and have her every other christmas day and new year. If she does not stay on christmas day we have her boxing day until new years eve. She is 11 and recently started senior school. We paid for her uniform and a school trip. Any clothes she needs we get them.

For the last 8 years my partner paid £20 a week. My boyfriend is self employed and from february had hardly any work so stopped paying the £20 but still had has her every week, still had holidays, trips out, clothes etc. and instead of paying the £20 has been giving his daughter £10 for her cashless card at school. The mum and her boyfriend both work. She has recently contacted the CSA cos she was not getting £20 (infact she was getting alot more).

Anyone know how the system works?

As I think he has been very fair.

Any advice would be appreciated.

As a Sole Trader, can the CSA see what tax I pay?

October 9, 2009

I’m actually doing quite well but am worried that it will all catch up with me.

I went self employed a day before the CSA contacted me, Lucky.

I have been able to show low earnings and have not been re evaluated.

I am a sole trader about to go limited,
I hope this will enable me to pay myself just enough to manage and allow the business to build, I have a feeling that the CSA will soon have the ability to look at the Tax I pay and take the case to court then force the business to pay. It has the funds. I currently only take out what I need.

What is the point of working hard just to have it taken away. T

Just to keep this in context the lady concerned desperately wanted children and got hers by saying she was unable to have them. She chose me because I owned my house and had saved enough to stop working for five years. I have already lost the house and suspect she will keep wanting more.

We were not married. The law states the money was needed to provide a home for the child. I will get it back when I’m old and he has left home.

Has any one done this and will it work. The child can have the business when he has grown up rather that let the mother waist it away.