Do my partner’s CSA payments reduce when he looks after his own child?

October 31, 2012

Hi all

Just after soome advice after a messy divorce my partner was adviced to pay through CSA as ordit trail.

To cut a long story short he has no problem paying for his child who is 16 the others are both over 18.

The exwifes new partner has now moved in with her and has told the CSA that he is now living there and as he has 2 children wants them to lower the payments to his kids as he is now supporting his partners child.

My partner cant get a correct answer do his csa payments lower as he is paying for his child as well ?

Or can the csa lower her partners payments to his other kids?

Any advice thanks

Ex has loads of money, CSA never calls back and my son suffers

October 31, 2012

I first applied for payments in January of this year heard nothing so phoned in April for an update only to be told nothing had been done. I wrote a letter of complaint to csa got no reply for three months. Meanwhile my ex was assessed but did not make payments.

I called csa and was told they would deal with it . Surprise surprise nothing was done . I have had to constantly phone to get the csa to chase up the payments. Meanwhile my letter of complaint was acknowledged with a response telling me that they could not do anything until my ex has made 6regular payments. Well that’s not going to happen any time soon. I then called this week to be told that he had made a payment over the phone.

They then told me it would take two days to clear with them. I called again yesterday and was told that it would be 5to 10 working days before its I released to my account. I had a huge row with a manager as I am a single parent and desperately need the money by today for my son to Read more

Ex refuses to pay towards our child. What should I do?

October 31, 2012

My partner left in November 2007 and has not been paying any maintenence money at all to date. He has paid towards a few items of clothes and school trips. We continured to share the low mortgage on our house until this September when i sold the house and gave him half of the equity which was over £100,000.

I am now asking him to make regular payment to me but he is still refusing to do this – what can I do ?

My ex stops me seeing my sons to increase how much I pay to the CSA

October 30, 2012

I am just writing to you to see if maybe you can help me out regarding csa rules. I make monthly payments to the csa for my 2 sons which I’m quite happy with but this is not my problem.

My problem is that I have a set routine on when I have my sons overnight and total it works out about 70 nights a year. So what I pay is calculated on this. However my ex partner is not an easy person to get along with to say the least so she quite frequently says I haven’t to get my sons which affects how much I pay to the csa.

Now as a single man with a house to run I struggle to make ends meet so going to a lawyer is not something I am able to afford. So I am wondering if there is such a rule with the csa for fathers who clearly want to be a part of there kids lives but aren’t aloud to do so as much as they would like so the the mother can gain financially.

I hear so much about the csa being a neutral organisation but so many things go against this so I’m just wondering if u could help clear this up for me.


CSA said I owe money and they’re taking it from my pension

October 30, 2012

I was just reading the complaints on your forum and noticed that the Crewe office comes up a fair bit. I live in N. Ireland and they have been dealing with my CSA payments Unfortunately since 1996 when i had to retire from the civil service through injury they forgot about that and had me working still for another 4 years i of course was not aware of this until 4 years later i got a bill in for arrears of 12000 pounds.

I kept telling them all i was receiving was a pension and to be shown in writing how i owed this. years went by with nothing from them. then 4 years ago thought they had sorted out their mistake gave them all my pension details and my outgoings and gave to a monthly payment with them which i have been paying.

4 months ago i get a phone call from a women csa agent claiming i still owe 5000 pounds i told her in no uncertain terms i did not and to go and check my file. On 17th October 2012 i got a letter from them tell ing me owe 1399.00 and they were taking it out of my pension on the 1st Nov. 2012 at 562.00 for the next 3 months i receive under 1200.00 a month pension which thet are aware of i live alone and have done for years i cant live on 600.00 time you take my rent and rates out i have nothing how can they do this without even speaking to me about it?

I hired a private detective to catch my ex working

October 30, 2012

CSA do not ask for correct information!! Every year my ex partner sends information on his bogus company, which he only deposits enough money to calculate amount payment of £200a month. Which he thinks is acceptable. Anyway, I had to hire a private detective this year to confirm the company he has is bogus and he is working every day and has a income.

I have to complete an variation form and they say I have to completed every year, all because the CSA will not ask for my ex`s tax returns, ask for his other income details, bank statements, company accounts. Also, every year my ex`s just sends in the bogus company information and he can afford to go on holiday 3 times a year, have two cars, owns a flat he rents, and has a house of £225,000, which he has not mortgage he paid off last year. Last year, he provide the same information and I was on £3 per Read more

Why is the CSA hounding me when I am paying?

October 29, 2012

I informed the CSA when I lost my job at Christmas and asked to be reassessed. I was fortunate to get another job soon after and they asked for and received detials of my new employer. It took them 5 months to come up with a repayment schedule that included a doubling of the amount they required for the arrears repayments.

I have been paying them according to their revised schedule but I am still getting regular calls each day (they are on my blocked list but I can still see the call log). Having dealt with them on the phone before I now insist on everything being in writing. I also receive letters stating they are going to take legal action to recover the debt.

I have asked for evidence of their calculations and Read more

My husband cannot see his children because of his ex

October 29, 2012

My husband is self employed and has a profit of around £60 a week and I earn very little as I work for a Charity. We do get help with WTC etc but we are struggling.We only have a disposable income of around £150 a month only because I get carers allowance for my disabled son. Up to April 2012 my husband did not work but has the odd job which averages to 24 hours a week. The CSA are now chasing him for payments to his children age 16 and 17 as they have been informed his circumstances have changed.

When he divorced his wife she had £27,000 from the sale of the house,emptied their bank account of approx £2000 the day he got paid then took her 2 children her friend and herself to Bulgaria on his credit Read more

No fight left after years of stress from the CSA

October 29, 2012

I asked for DNA tests to prove paternity. It took the CSA almost 2 years to finalise the DNA result (positively the father), throughout I was given contradicting information and suffered 3 different case workers. In the end after about 12 letters of complaint and requests for information, I was given awoken 100 pound non consolidatory payment.

I didn’t want to accept it, but after years of calls and letters, and the stress caused by Italy, I simply had no fight left in me.

Ex moved from California to England to evade Child Support. What can I do?

October 28, 2012

I am actually in the United States, dealing with CSA Via Child support Services in California. I had paid a private investigator to track my x down who moved back to England to evade child support.

I tracked him and filed w/ CSA immediately it took them almost 7 months to file/process my paperwork and approached my x, he got wind of being tracked and moved, what did they do? Send my case back the USA and said invalid address, because they took too long to do anything. Its very sad coming across this website, my hopes are slowly fading as i read all things on here.

I don’t know where to even start to find a way to get this taking care of on the other side of the ocean 🙁

Do you have similar laws that arrest deadbeat dads in england? People you can call to say hey he is there go get him make him spend a night in jail and pay fines for evading? Any suggestions would help immensely

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