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My ex stops me seeing my sons to increase how much I pay to the CSA

I am just writing to you to see if maybe you can help me out regarding csa rules. I make monthly payments to the csa for my 2 sons which I’m quite happy with but this is not my problem.

My problem is that I have a set routine on when I have my sons overnight and total it works out about 70 nights a year. So what I pay is calculated on this. However my ex partner is not an easy person to get along with to say the least so she quite frequently says I haven’t to get my sons which affects how much I pay to the csa.

Now as a single man with a house to run I struggle to make ends meet so going to a lawyer is not something I am able to afford. So I am wondering if there is such a rule with the csa for fathers who clearly want to be a part of there kids lives but aren’t aloud to do so as much as they would like so the the mother can gain financially.

I hear so much about the csa being a neutral organisation but so many things go against this so I’m just wondering if u could help clear this up for me.


One thought on “My ex stops me seeing my sons to increase how much I pay to the CSA

  1. unfortunately a shared care allowance is only possible if you have your sons overnight for more than 52 nights per year, if your ex does not stick to the agreement and the number of nights per years drops below the required 52 nights then the csa cannot award the allowance. I understand that on a low income a lawyer is an expense that you may not be able to afford, it might be worth contacting your local CAB office and asking if they can help you sort this out with your ex. Alternatively contact a family lawyer and ask if you would qualify for legal aid.

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