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CSA said I owe money and they’re taking it from my pension

I was just reading the complaints on your forum and noticed that the Crewe office comes up a fair bit. I live in N. Ireland and they have been dealing with my CSA payments Unfortunately since 1996 when i had to retire from the civil service through injury they forgot about that and had me working still for another 4 years i of course was not aware of this until 4 years later i got a bill in for arrears of 12000 pounds.

I kept telling them all i was receiving was a pension and to be shown in writing how i owed this. years went by with nothing from them. then 4 years ago thought they had sorted out their mistake gave them all my pension details and my outgoings and gave to a monthly payment with them which i have been paying.

4 months ago i get a phone call from a women csa agent claiming i still owe 5000 pounds i told her in no uncertain terms i did not and to go and check my file. On 17th October 2012 i got a letter from them tell ing me owe 1399.00 and they were taking it out of my pension on the 1st Nov. 2012 at 562.00 for the next 3 months i receive under 1200.00 a month pension which thet are aware of i live alone and have done for years i cant live on 600.00 time you take my rent and rates out i have nothing how can they do this without even speaking to me about it?

One thought on “CSA said I owe money and they’re taking it from my pension

  1. Appalling.

    Yet the CSA can act like this because moronic civil servants and politicians gave them the power to do so. Unchecked power.

    Thankfully, there has now been a Human Rights ruling against the jumped-up wannabes at the CSA acting unlawfully and dening fathers the right to defend themselves, something they relish doing.

    Not sure how this helps you, but you have my sympathies and support.

    If only the ‘authorities’ would enforce contact in this way. My ex would have been jailed years ago.

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