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Do my partner’s CSA payments reduce when he looks after his own child?

Hi all

Just after soome advice after a messy divorce my partner was adviced to pay through CSA as ordit trail.

To cut a long story short he has no problem paying for his child who is 16 the others are both over 18.

The exwifes new partner has now moved in with her and has told the CSA that he is now living there and as he has 2 children wants them to lower the payments to his kids as he is now supporting his partners child.

My partner cant get a correct answer do his csa payments lower as he is paying for his child as well ?

Or can the csa lower her partners payments to his other kids?

Any advice thanks

One thought on “Do my partner’s CSA payments reduce when he looks after his own child?

  1. NRPs who have children in their household receive allowances for them in the assessment.
    1993 rules allowance made in exempt income if it is their child but only allowed in protected income if partner’s child.
    2003 rules a % is taken from the net income before calculation of maintenance for the qualifying child or children.
    NRP’s liability depends on their circumstances and their household.
    So it would appear that your partner’s liability will not change as his circumstances have not changed.
    While on the other hand the other person’s circumstances have changed.

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