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My husband cannot see his children because of his ex

My husband is self employed and has a profit of around £60 a week and I earn very little as I work for a Charity. We do get help with WTC etc but we are struggling.We only have a disposable income of around £150 a month only because I get carers allowance for my disabled son. Up to April 2012 my husband did not work but has the odd job which averages to 24 hours a week. The CSA are now chasing him for payments to his children age 16 and 17 as they have been informed his circumstances have changed.

When he divorced his wife she had £27,000 from the sale of the house,emptied their bank account of approx £2000 the day he got paid then took her 2 children her friend and herself to Bulgaria on his credit card spending £5,000. He agreed not to take the matter further and allowed the profit from the house to go to the children so that the CSA will not get involved. He also agreed verbally not to take Fraud action against his wife if she did not apply for maintenance.

The problem is that this happened 9 years ago so it will be nearly impossible to get proof.

We have written to them before when they took money from my ESA payment when I was ill but they do not want to know. My husband was homeless until 2009 and had to go bankrupt due to the debt she put him in,and when he moved in with me thats when they started chasing him.

He has been unable to see his children since 2005 when they split as when they moved she would not give address. She has also turned his children against him and the rest of the family and they are not allowed any contact. My husband has tried but has not been able to get anywhere.

Please can you help?

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