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Ex has loads of money, CSA never calls back and my son suffers

I first applied for payments in January of this year heard nothing so phoned in April for an update only to be told nothing had been done. I wrote a letter of complaint to csa got no reply for three months. Meanwhile my ex was assessed but did not make payments.

I called csa and was told they would deal with it . Surprise surprise nothing was done . I have had to constantly phone to get the csa to chase up the payments. Meanwhile my letter of complaint was acknowledged with a response telling me that they could not do anything until my ex has made 6regular payments. Well that’s not going to happen any time soon. I then called this week to be told that he had made a payment over the phone.

They then told me it would take two days to clear with them. I called again yesterday and was told that it would be 5to 10 working days before its I released to my account. I had a huge row with a manager as I am a single parent and desperately need the money by today for my son to pay for a school trip. They agreed that they would process the payment immediately as a one off and was promised the money would be in my account today. Guess what – no money. I checked with my bank and there is no record of a payment coming in from csa since August. I am now waiting for a call back from the csa which I doubt will come.

They never call back and I am preparing myself to have to call them again later on today. In the meantime I am now faced with having to tell my child that he cannot go on this trip. The very person this money is meant to be for is suffering. I also know that I will have to go through contacting the csa again next month to get them to act against my ex as they seem to be quite happy to let him pay whatever he wants whenever he wants. I have yet to receive a full payment , I have yet to receive regular payments, and I have yet to receive an apology from the csa for the way they have treated me for the last 9 months.

Meanwhile my ex husband drives around in his fancy cars and continues to go on foreign holidays every year , while my son suffers.

3 thoughts on “Ex has loads of money, CSA never calls back and my son suffers

  1. 1. Complain in writing – send recorded delivery and get a name of your case worker. Keep a record of everything, calls, names, etc.
    2. Contact your MP and get them to deal with this.
    3. Contact the ICE – Independent CAse Examiner – they look into the failings of the CSA – but take a long time as unfortunately this is common.
    4. Join the Facebook groups, Child Support Agencies Failings and other groups – for free advice and support – watch out for the ones who charge – good luck.

  2. May i ask.. do you let the father see his son without complaining or fussing? i bet you not so…

    Just a thought!!!!! – maybe if he was seeing the child he would speak to him and pay for the trip himself .. just a second thought!!!! why should he give you the money when he can spend it on his child himself?

  3. Because WW two make a child and 2 should support the child. You sound v.bitter, not all PWC are trying to fleece the NRP some are suffering due to the NRP not supporting the child financially.

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