Ex lies about my level of access to increase her CSA money

October 28, 2012

Ill hopefully be brief.

I split with my ex we have 2 (6 & 2 years) children. They both live with her, in our mortgaged property. I left and now struggling setting up home with new partner and her daughter. Until recently I was paying an amount to ex (for child support) and half mortgage (her benefits for rest, she doesnt/will not work).

I since stapped paying mortgage part as far too much of strain. But agreed with her solicitor and her to pay what I should in CS payments to her, so it will increase. Calculation based on that I have our children 2 nights every 2 weeks, plus weeks several weeks in school hols, xmas etc. Anyway. To my suprise receive a letter from CSA. Contacted them, worked our payment and came up Read more

CSA says it could take months to track down my ex partner

October 28, 2012

I have a 12 year old son and split from my childs father when he was 6 months old.

The csa have been dealing with payments since my child was approx 3 years of age in all that time there has never been regular payments and there is arrears of approx £1,200.00 which is been collected by a bailiff from the csa at a rate of £130.00 per month.

I have had a couple of payments for regular maintenance but that has now stopped due to my partner no longer working for the company the csa traced him to. I have spoken yesterday to the csa who inormed myself it could take several months for them to trace my partners work and get any payments for my child.

Why are we paying for partner’s ex to enjoy herself?

October 27, 2012

My partner split from his ex 5yrs ago due to her meeting someone else who a few mths later she married, he gave her £13,800 and agreed to pay her £150pm for the 2 children they had together.

He has paid this for over 5yrs we now have a 2yr old daughter together, she has now split from her husband due to an affair with another man and 10 wks ago moved and refuses to tell my partner where his children are so he stopped paying her and told her we will pay her once she allows him to see his boys she has Read more

I think I am paying too much to the CSA. How can I tell?

October 27, 2012

I wonder if you can help me.

I’m currently paying my ex £580.00 per month a fee that the CSA worked out in 2002 but having recently spoken to a friend who does the same line of work, he pays his ex 350.00 per month i earn around £1300.00 per month (before Tax) but this fluctuates as I work on a free lance basis and may only work 9 to 10 month a year.

My main worry is, that the CSA contacted me originally and without any corespondance told me that the £580.00 per month is what I would be paying.

Not once did the ask me how much I earnt.

So how did they work this out.

CSA took money from me without warning

October 27, 2012

Good afternoon, I have changed jobs this year, and previously earned commission, up until December 2011. When that stopped my income dropped by almost £900 per month. I then started a new job in June, which I am paid around just over £1100 per month take home. I have been left 1 message, yet only have a mobile, so cannot afford to ring back. My ex wife has given you my address, yet I have not had ANY Read more

I am so angry with the CSA

October 26, 2012

I split up with my husband karl nelson 2 years ago. This all happened as the csa were after him for 17 years to maintenance for a child he said was not his. We went on to have a son then when my husbands mum dies this woman who may i add by this time had 6 children all by different men got in touch.My husband then says this child could be his when she is 17.

My husband knew the csa would get him for the earrears but would not listen to me as the woman told him it was not to do with me.Anyway my husband then went to live with this woman who had 6 kids and popped out number 7 10 months later.

My husband was paying some maintenance for our son but then this woman told him i was not entitled to that amount so he took notice of her and Read more

I feel suicidal because of the CSA

October 26, 2012

The CSA have come up with a figure of £31558 that im in arrears for. Iknow this to be untrue. My last dealings with them ,three years ago ,they were taking 40% of my wages ,leaving me with £75 pw. They wanted £75pw for my last child (I have 3)and £20 for the arrears.This led to a breakdown.

When I said I’d pay my ex-wife personally, so I signed off of the CSA, they asked for £95 pw anyway, leaving me with no money to give her.

I phoned the CSA up today ,after finding out that not even solicitors will deal with them. I asked ‘if I had a lump sum of £20000 would they accept this as full payment?’ .their reply was a simple NO ….

I can’t appeal because I signed off of their books .The debt is still owed. I feel suicidal because I know if I get a job I will be stung for 40% of my wages again.

Can you offer any advice ?

CSA admit they need to change my payments but can’t do it

October 26, 2012

In April 2011 I switched from salary to dividend pay, but because knowone at the agency or my accountants knew where I stood I continued to pay as if I was on salary.

In December 2011 I finally got the got ahead to change my payments to my dividend salary. In April 2012 the company I co-owned went into liquidation. I have found alternative employment but obviously a lot lower wage than I was on but its a job.

This is where is gets complicated. The agency has been taking close to £650 per month. They admit there is an adjustment needed but it cannot be changed without the IT departments say so. I have explained time and time again that this has to be sorted out but nothing gets done.

I don’t trust what the CSA has told me. Please can someone advise?

October 25, 2012

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone can shed light on being a fulltime student with nil assessment, as well as working part time.

Brief history; Husband made redundant in August just as a DEO was set up for payment.

CSA was advised of redundancy by him and also given the evidence of his course that they requested. Nil assessment put in place. Whilst on the phone my husband asked the advisor about wether he would have to pay if he got part time work (he hasnt yet) and he was told NO he didnt.

I am not so naive as to take this as gospel from them as I have read to much on this site! Also, I have read he would have to pay if he was earning over 100 per week being a student , other people say 5 per week, some say all of it is assessed?!! I have searched everywhere but cant find anything credible and I certainly dont trust what hes been told on the phone by the horse’s mouth as it were.

I just dont want to be in the situation years down the line (his course is 3 years) of having amassed huge arrears which they will agressively pursue back.

We are living on my wage at the moment, and its a huge struggle, so would be beneficial if he could work, but not if the majority of it would be swallowed up by an extortionatley high maintenance amount, as we were previously.

Ex prosecuted for benefit fraud and still the CSA chase me for money

October 25, 2012

I am the NRP,I have paid the CSA for a fair few years now and have no qualms in doing so, back in 2010 my daughter left full time education and started work, also she moved out of her mothers home due to the fact she was taking sixty pounds a week off of her as well as receiving my payments(greed), I reported this to the CSA back then but they didn’t do nothing, since then I started paying them over the phone month by month each time telling them of the above.

On my last payment call the operator said that if I dont hear from them the next month it would all be sorted and my payments would stop, that was in Jan’11, we came back from holiday this year to find a nasty letter from the enforcement team telling me I was going to court for none payment, this is the first Read more

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