Ex prosecuted for benefit fraud and still the CSA chase me for money

October 25, 2012

I am the NRP,I have paid the CSA for a fair few years now and have no qualms in doing so, back in 2010 my daughter left full time education and started work, also she moved out of her mothers home due to the fact she was taking sixty pounds a week off of her as well as receiving my payments(greed), I reported this to the CSA back then but they didn’t do nothing, since then I started paying them over the phone month by month each time telling them of the above.

On my last payment call the operator said that if I dont hear from them the next month it would all be sorted and my payments would stop, that was in Jan’11, we came back from holiday this year to find a nasty letter from the enforcement team telling me I was going to court for none payment, this is the first contact since Jan’11. After numerous phone calls to different departments I enventually got to speak to the right person who said they would cancel the court date until I forwarded any evidence I may have. I then sent them a letter from my daughters college stating start and finish dates, also my daughter wrote a letter telling them she left her mothers and was working and a covering letter from myself stating that the mother had successfully been prosecuted for benefit fraud!

It turns out that they didn’t cancel the court date!!

After another few phone calls and my local MP requesting what is being done they still want me to pay the back payments, I am currently filling in the appeal form and sending all my evidence again to them and waiting for my MP to contact me again, but I dont know what to do as solicitors fees are very expensive and its money we haven’t got.

Please help