Ex lies about my level of access to increase her CSA money

October 28, 2012

Ill hopefully be brief.

I split with my ex we have 2 (6 & 2 years) children. They both live with her, in our mortgaged property. I left and now struggling setting up home with new partner and her daughter. Until recently I was paying an amount to ex (for child support) and half mortgage (her benefits for rest, she doesnt/will not work).

I since stapped paying mortgage part as far too much of strain. But agreed with her solicitor and her to pay what I should in CS payments to her, so it will increase. Calculation based on that I have our children 2 nights every 2 weeks, plus weeks several weeks in school hols, xmas etc. Anyway. To my suprise receive a letter from CSA. Contacted them, worked our payment and came up with same figure I told ex. Mutually agreed and not using CSA as payments, just contact about payment.

She has now told the CSA that I will have the children 1 night every 2 weeks, not 2 night, so to increase my money to her. I simply cannot afford this, I also want my children and further more, they want to stay that extra night. Im not willing to pay any more. Can she stop this. Im agreeing to pay. And its a struggle, I have so much debt/outgoings, which when I told CSA they “didnt count”.

I know that my CS as well as her benefits have been paying for her lifesyle. Social network sites show her drunk, out, enjoying herself.

The children are never at the property at weekends, either with me, and the following weekend, her mothers, so she can go out.

I know there are always 2 sides to every story.

What can/should I do?