I am so angry with the CSA

October 26, 2012

I split up with my husband karl nelson 2 years ago. This all happened as the csa were after him for 17 years to maintenance for a child he said was not his. We went on to have a son then when my husbands mum dies this woman who may i add by this time had 6 children all by different men got in touch.My husband then says this child could be his when she is 17.

My husband knew the csa would get him for the earrears but would not listen to me as the woman told him it was not to do with me.Anyway my husband then went to live with this woman who had 6 kids and popped out number 7 10 months later.

My husband was paying some maintenance for our son but then this woman told him i was not entitled to that amount so he took notice of her and cut my money. I went to the csa in june of this year and they took my case on then to be told by them in september that they had messed up and my claim would only go from october.

I have now got to claim the back arrears off my husband for the money but as i told them i have no chance of getting it. My husband is avoiding paying for our son as he has said he has all this womens kids to keep and the csa are ageeingg with him them kids come before our son how wrong is this.

I am so angry with the csa as i have still not heard and my family have to help me out with our son while they live the high life with 2 cars and holidays this can not be right.