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Ex refuses to pay towards our child. What should I do?

My partner left in November 2007 and has not been paying any maintenence money at all to date. He has paid towards a few items of clothes and school trips. We continured to share the low mortgage on our house until this September when i sold the house and gave him half of the equity which was over £100,000.

I am now asking him to make regular payment to me but he is still refusing to do this – what can I do ?

5 thoughts on “Ex refuses to pay towards our child. What should I do?

  1. Lol Sarah…I agree tho.
    I’d be tempted….only tempted….to suggest you call this vermin called csa and let them be unleashed on him,particularly if you have his address and where he works? Because its arsehols like him who get away with paying nothing whilst people like me who are willing and compliant that are easy targets for the csa to rob from instead.
    That said…I wouldn’t wish the csa on my worst enemy.
    I would suggest you tell him about this site …..and advise him to sit down and read some of the horror stories and torture this organisation puts honest hard working fathers through….then after a few days …tell him to start paying under a private arrangement or face having his life ruined by this scum.wish my ex had come to me first instead of this bottom dwelling pond life.

  2. If your ex partner is no agreeable to paying an agreed amount towards his son then you can contact the CSA and open a case. Give them as much detail as possible – his address, contact number and his employer can speed up the process of tracing him and obtaining his income details so that an assessment can be done.
    If he is working he will be assessed on his income – 15% of his net income for 1 child – he would be given allowances for any children living in his household (even if they are not his children but children of a current partner) and also a reduction if your son stays overnight with him 52 nights or more per year.
    If the CSA contact him he will be asked if he accepts paternity of your son – if he choses to deny paternity he will be given the opportunity of taking a DNA test (if this proves him to be the father then he will be charged for the test), if you are asked to take your son for a DNA test and decide not to do this the case would be closed. If there is no paternity dispute – or if there is and it is proved by DNA that your ex is the biological father – the liability for child maintenance will be effective from the day the agency first contacted your ex. If the agency do not make phone contact with your ex (they will try 3 times) then they will send out a Maintenance Enquiry Form with a covering letter stating the date this form should be returned to the agency – usually a week form the date it was posted – if the form is not returned or your ex does not make contact by phone then the agency can presume paternity and the case will be progressed.

    Good luck

  3. The first 2 comments should be disregarded as being jealous doesnt help yours or anyones situation.

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