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Why is the CSA hounding me when I am paying?

I informed the CSA when I lost my job at Christmas and asked to be reassessed. I was fortunate to get another job soon after and they asked for and received detials of my new employer. It took them 5 months to come up with a repayment schedule that included a doubling of the amount they required for the arrears repayments.

I have been paying them according to their revised schedule but I am still getting regular calls each day (they are on my blocked list but I can still see the call log). Having dealt with them on the phone before I now insist on everything being in writing. I also receive letters stating they are going to take legal action to recover the debt.

I have asked for evidence of their calculations and when I pointed out that they had already sent me a schedule of repayments, including arrears, they were going to investigate. No calculation of the debt or results of the investigation have been sent.

As I am making the repayments in line with their schedule, why are they still hounding me rather than putting their efforts into chasing people who do not pay. I suspect as I am employed under PAYE, I am an easy target.

I would welcome any advice from others in this situation. I have evidence that I pay, evidence I have asked several times for detailed calcuations (which they have not supplied) and believe that if I was taken to court, they would see I am paying what they want!

Stressed by the CSA!

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