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Ex moved from California to England to evade Child Support. What can I do?

I am actually in the United States, dealing with CSA Via Child support Services in California. I had paid a private investigator to track my x down who moved back to England to evade child support.

I tracked him and filed w/ CSA immediately it took them almost 7 months to file/process my paperwork and approached my x, he got wind of being tracked and moved, what did they do? Send my case back the USA and said invalid address, because they took too long to do anything. Its very sad coming across this website, my hopes are slowly fading as i read all things on here.

I don’t know where to even start to find a way to get this taking care of on the other side of the ocean 🙁

Do you have similar laws that arrest deadbeat dads in england? People you can call to say hey he is there go get him make him spend a night in jail and pay fines for evading? Any suggestions would help immensely

One thought on “Ex moved from California to England to evade Child Support. What can I do?

  1. Nope and we don’t really use the term “deadbeat dads”, we use terms more like “people or fathers”.

    Any person who is going to go to the extreme of leaving the country has done that once and for a reason probably only known to you and him and is perfectly capable of doing it again. Even if you could track him down he will just move on. So in your mind the next step is to jail him, what good does that do him or you, presumably you want him to work and pay you some money or is the idea that you want to see him punished for leaving you ?

    Anyhow I would not hold out any hope of getting anything from this guy, you have obviously fallen out on a scale not known to most people and whether it be here or anywhere else if someone really really wants to avoid the CSA they can.

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