Help me with the child support agency

May 31, 2008

Firstly Thank You For Giving Me The Opportunity .

Well here it is in short :

I Marty 43 male was with my partner Michelle fo 15 happy years we had two boys daniel and ashley 10 and 12 at the time

one day outta blue she dissaperers with the children I get phone calls threatening me not to try and find them had to call the police at one stage have crime number ect

I had a breakdown and tried to commit suicide i couldn’t even do that right

3 years later when im getting used to my own sad company her and new boyfriend decide they would like the house i paid for and live in

so i struggled to get a remortgage and gave her a cash lump sum of 20 thousand pounds that pushed my wages to the limit

during all this time i have not seen the children i don’t know where they are

no contact for a further year then i get a letter from the csa saying they were unable to contact me
so there going to take 91 pounds a week direct from my wages I called them and they tell me its the law this is compleatly crippling me. i dont eat for days iv missed 1 mortgage payment and the future looks bad on my spredsheet my bills now exceed my income and i live a very poor lifestyle. Iv always worked and have a solid cv . This System is unfair Im Struggling Starving and Suicidel

Thanks For Listenin

Looking for advice on the CSA

May 30, 2008

Basic outline my husband has a thirteen year old daughter. Currently she lives with her mother but for majority of her life my husband has been PWC. When he was PWC CSA would not allow us to open case as his ex continually opened cases against us claiming we never saw his daughter although she was living with us. This went on for three years before we were able to claim.

Despite continually chasing CSA never dealt with our claim and finally told me to stop wasting my time as ex is on benefits and we would get £0. His ex currently has daughter ( after she failed to blackmail us “if you don’t give me money you wont see her”) She is denying access and CSA have said we owe £71 per week. Why do we have to pay when she never paid a penny for years???? CSA not interested even though we have numerous letters from them saying my husband is PWC.

Assessment is also wrong as should be £56 a week based on their calclator but very reluctant to adjust figure. Why were CSA not interested when we were PWC but different story now????

Also his ex has said as soon as she gets money we can see his daughter again. All the time we were PWC she was still claiming all benefits as though she was a single mother !Also had her on phone screaming abuse!!! Stressed by it all and we have got our own baby to worry about. I have done more than his ex to bring up her daughter and this is the thanks we get!!

Throughout the CSA have told lies, claimed information posted did not arrive and been downright rude and unprofessional

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Money back from the CSA

May 29, 2008

I have just found out through DNA testing that my daughter is not my biological daughter. She is 10 years old and I have been paying maintenance through the CSA for the last 5 years. They say I am not entitled to my money back from them even though I now have a legal test and decleration of non-parentage. Is this the case, or am I entitled to my money back?

Thank you for your help.

North West meeting for the deadbeatdads association

May 26, 2008

Hi guys I’m organising a meeting for NRPs and NRPPs in the North West to attend so that we can now start to get the ball rolling over bringing the CSA to its knees. I am the founder of the Deadbeatdadsassociation and want to now give the opportunity for all you NRP/NRPPS to get together to discuss your case and how the CSA have treated you unfairly and the steps we are going to take in order to bring about a change

I am starting off in the Chorley area which is a pretty central location for most of the North west people unless any one has a beeter location. It will be next Friday 30th May 2008, all parties interested please email me with your details and rough location and I will sort out a mutual meeting place or you can call me on 07523936072 dbdassoci[email protected] Hope to hear from you soon



Sorry folks this has now been changed to Thursday 29th and in Preston area, time is the same, will announce the venue if i have any takers. cheers

Mobey deadbeatdads Assoc.

Data Protection Act

May 25, 2008


Following on from my previous e mail to you i omitted to tell you that a debt manager for the CSA in Belfast discussed my case with a complete stranger as the authorised person within the company i work for who should discuss my case was unavailable. Despite the person feeling very reluctant to discuss my situation with the CSA REPRESENTATIVE she was forced to take down information from a very aggressive debt manager

Data Protection Flaws again??? I would like some guidance

Thank you again

Arrears Assessment

May 24, 2008

Late last year I received an arrears assessment from CSA of over 23K. obviously I challenged this as it was the first contact I had had from the CSA since my ex wife and i separated in 1995. I appealed and am waiting for a hearing date. Following numerous phone calls it has been revealed that the arrears assessment did not take into account any housing costs for the period 1995 to November 2007 ( their admission!!).

I am currently paying 40% of my net salary (980 pounds a month ) towards these arrears and have done so for the past 5 months however, why should I be paying this amount when the hearing could be some 4 months away and I am having to default on mortgage and utilities to pay this absolute monster amount and is there anything i can do to at least repay a manageable amount until the tribunal hearing?

Thank you

CSA hang up on guy facing repossession

May 14, 2008

In a frightening display of callousness, the child support agency hang up on a guy being wrongfully hit with a DEO for £550, that means he cannot meet his mortgage payments. The woman refuses to speak to him once she realises the call is being recorded and hangs up, regardless of the fact that the man is facing repossession due to a mistake the CSA have ALREADY admitted to.

This phonecall follows on from one previously made into a video, and we’ve been promised a third one in the trilogy.

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CSA admit ‘administrative error’

May 13, 2008

The CSA admit in this video, added to YouTube, that they made an administrative error by sending a variations form meant for one guy, to a different address. The outcome was a DEO set up for the wrong amount, a staggering £550.

This amount was far more than the father should have been paying, over £200 more, meaning he couldn’t afford to pay his mortgage.

Marvel as the inept CSA worker squirms at the errors they have made.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Anyone want to name and shame the CSA by talking to the media?

May 13, 2008

We’ve received this press release asking for people to give their child support agency stories and issues to the media for potential publication. If you’ve had problems with the CSA, this might be of interest.

Tell your tale and boost your income by a potential £5k per year

– new website helps people earn cash from their real-life stories –

Continued growth in the women’s weekly magazine market, coupled with heightened demand from national newspapers for human interest stories, means there is now more scope than ever before for people across the UK to earn a profit by selling their real-life stories. Aiming to bridge the gap between the media and those individuals with a story to tell, a former Daily Mail journalist has launched

Founder, Natasha Courtenay-Smith explains, “Story-selling isn’t limited to just the ‘kiss-and-tell’ market as you might imagine, in fact, newspapers are increasingly seeking genuine case studies to illustrate the latest trends such as cosmetic surgery, as well as topical issues like MRSA and the credit-crunch. Women’s magazines continually hunt for inspirational tales from ‘normal people’, ranging from surviving an affair to dealing with addiction.”

“The market for honest stories and authentic case studies is continuing to expand,” continues Natasha, “but many people don’t know where to begin when it comes to talking to the media. Indeed, simply picking up the phone to a journalist can feel like a frightening experience. That’s where comes in: advising people on whether they have a story which may be of interest to the national media, helping them decide which publications to aim for and managing all their contracts and fees.”

Natasha has ten years experience of writing individual, personal and often emotional stories for UK national magazines and newspapers. Since launching in January, she has successfully placed a variety of stories in the national press, including: a woman trying to find a sperm donor; a man who has survived breast cancer; a woman who discovered she was the secret love child of a sixties rock star; a wronged-wife who underwent £5,000-worth of cosmetic surgery after her husband left and a self-confessed sex addict. All received payment for their interviews and, most importantly, achieved their personal goal of talking to the media.

“For many, just having their say and getting their story out there meets a deep-seated need,” explains Natasha. “This is either because they raise awareness about a subject close to their heart, raise money for charity or they quite simply get the opportunity to set a record straight. Some people talk to more than one publication, in fact I know of one woman who’s been a mistress for the past decade and has talked about it to numerous magazines – and why not? She has a fascinating tale to tell and magazines are willing to pay her to talk about her experiences which will doubtless be of interest to their thousands of readers.”

Natasha estimates that the savvier story-seller can top up their income by as much as £5,000 per year if they appear in just one magazine or newspaper per month. deals with a vast range of stories and can also help individuals who wish to keep a crime in the public eye. Individuals with a story to tell should visit the website

Waliu makes another video about the CSA

May 12, 2008

If you remember father Waliu and his heartfelt videos on YouTube about his access to his child and the money he has been forced to pay, you’ll be interested to know that he has added another video about his plight.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You can watch the first video here, and the second video here.

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