CSA Lose my Payments

June 24, 2009

After five years of arguements, missed and late payments, lies about income, money deducted by my ex for petrol, halving the monthly payment as he had him for three nights and basically a lot of stress caused by my ex I phoned the CSA and asked them to take over.

Now its 6 months on Ive only had two payments the amount has changed four times, they have taken money from his wages for the last two months and now they tell me they have lost it?????

Ive phoned, my ex has phoned and all we get told is someone is trying to find it and sort it out.

It is ridiculous I involved them as I thought it would be easier, I thougt I would get whatever the amount on time and regularly. I thought it would ease the stress but now instead of arguing with my ex Im argueing with the CSA.

Now I get a letter saying his payments are being reduced by 25% because he has moved in with a woman who has three kids. They dont take into account her wages, they dont take into account that she gets payments for her kids from their fathers or that she gets tax credits without telling them that he lives there! They live in a nice big council house which is half the rent I pay, driving a nice car…EACH!
He buys her a brand new Wii console and games for her birthday and yet his son has to wait three weeks for a present that cost less than the birthday cake (£20) I wouldnt mind if they were his kids but there not! Why should my son get less?

Meanwhile I had to move into cheaper accomadation, Im still paying out for clothes, shoes, food, pocket money having to say no to school clubs because I cant afford it. I tell tax credits that I have a partner that lives with me and works (minimum wage)and get my money reduced I go by the law and yet My son and I are made to wait.

All I want is to know what I am entitled to and to have it paid into my account they however are holding onto £1000 of money that belongs to my son when will I get it??? It depends when someone from the CSA looks into it ….its been 2 months now…ridiculous! if it was their money it would be done in an hour!

The system sucks !!!


  • chall says:

    Hi CRB,

    Payments not issued to you – This may be due to your ex’s employer not correctly sending the payments to the agency, in which case the funds may still need to be allocated.
    Escalate this to a written complaint, sent signed for/keep copies (there’s a list of contact addresses at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk), also send a copy to your local MP, requesting their intervention.

    As your ex has declared the information to the agency, he will receive a reduction of 25% now 3 (assuming they are all relevant) children are in his household. If your ex and his partner are in receipt of WTC (depending on who is the higher earner) and CTC, these figures can be included when maintenance is calculated. Request a re assessment in writing/via email, keep copies etc.

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