CSA not got a clue

June 25, 2023

Spent 2 hours on phone for no one to answer first of all and the csa have worked out all of the figures based on a job I last worked in 2019 so calculating that I owe 400 a month when I was actually unrmmployed for a while due to covid and now the debt which they are still calculation from 2019 even though have sent proof and now owe over 3000 pounds and on collect and pay so they charge me for the privilege of getting everying wrong . I have never known such a awful firm to talk to , no one knows what there talking about and get passed from pillar to post … Makes me so angry and can why why people want to kill themselves when they don’t have a clue and putting people in very ugly financial situations


June 18, 2023

My ex reported me for harassment 3 times and I had to promise to only contact her by text. So I have not had access since. Now she is sueing in family court. She denies any payments from me tho I can prove that I’ve given her plenty. I’ve never harassed her, the opposite in fact. She has dissed me to everyone for years. I have a solicitor who just advises me to pay for all her claims plus the cms bills. My daughter is now a mute recluse who can’t survive without her mum we’re told, so whatever I give for her goes straight to my ex. If there was justice, she would do time for lying, slander and twisting a child into a benefit case for her own purposes.

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