No money from ex and CSA doesn’t know his address

March 31, 2013

I was just wondering if anyone could help me. My situation is that i have a 8 month old daughter which her father does not want, doesnt see her or ask about her and says he cringes at the thought of her. He has a child with someone else which he lives with but doesnt tell the csa that!

I have informed the csa and they told me to go tell fraud or whatever but as i dont know the address i currently can not. He phoned me up saying that hes taken his other son now through the csa which i think is right, but also said on the phone that the csa money his girlfriend is going to get, she is going to give him back, how stupid of her.

I wouldnt mind if the money was being spent on his other child but its not! why should my daughter miss out and he have his luxuries! anyone got any advice on what to do? thanks x

Heard nothing from the CSA in 15 years before they demanded money!

March 31, 2013

In 1998 i was contacted by the CSA via the Benefits Agency as i was at the time unemployed, that they were going to deduct some of my benefit for child maintenance as a girl who i had had a one night stand with was naming me as the father of her new born child, i was told to attend an interview with the CSA and was questioned about it and signed a a statement saying that i was not the father. I was not told to do a DNA test.

A month later i was back in work and up until February of this year (2013) have never heard anything from the CSA until now. I have been on Jobseekers Read more

Can you take legal action Vertex?

March 31, 2013

Does anyone know whether it is possible to take legal action against Vertex, the company contracted by the government to process clerical cases?

I have submitted NUMEROUS complaints via my M.P regarding the conduct of the staff employed at the CSA offices in Bolton, over a period of EIGHT YEARS! In fact I have had so many causes for complaint that I would be typing all night if I were to detail them all. The latest fiasco was caused by a tardy “escalated caseworker” by the name of Katherine who failed to adequately chase my ex-partner’s employers to impose a Deductions of Earnings Order.

My case was sent to Bolton from Hastings Enforcement team back in October however Bolton failed to process the case and even denied receiving the Read more

If my wife gets Child Tax Credits, will the CSA take some of it for my ex?

March 31, 2013

Hi, I have been paying money to my ex wife since we split for our two children (she was cheating on me for the 10 years that we are married and has brainwashed my children not to see me, they are 11 & 13) and contacted the CSA myself (big mistake) as she wanted more money than I could afford.

I am now remarried and have two children with my wife who is a stay at home mum, I work full-time. The CSA currently take our WTC and my wifes CTC into consideration when calculating my maintenance which is disgraceful! I would be happy for my wages and the WTC to be considered but I think it is wrong for the CTC to be included.

What I need to know is, if my wife gets the CTC paid into her own account instead of our joint account, can I tell the CSA not to take the CTC into consideration?

Ex wife exploited a CSA loophole and I am now bankrupted

March 30, 2013

I first started paying child support in October 2007 in Australia. My ex wife is English. She returned to the UK with my daughter in January 2009. I followed (to live separately) in June 2009. Between the date of our initial separation and now (14/03/13) I have not missed a single payment. I paid directly to her account. For a period of approx 15 months my ex wife cut off contact with my daughter. Despite this I still never missed a payment. Eventually a court order was reached and Read more

What the Child Support Agency does to families is shocking

March 30, 2013

The CSA & their regime of persecution
The systematic destruction of decent families…
An exerpt of my letter to David Cameron:

I am a wife and a mum and I also have Cystic Fibrosis.

I have a wonderful husband, who is also my best friend and carer and two beautiful children. My husband is the children’s step dad but he has been in their lives for 16 years and is the only dad they have ever known and loved.

We are a law abiding, hard working and loving family. We’ve never had much and the children have had their own part time jobs from a very early age to help support the family. We are all respectful of others, caring and well mannered. We were even nominated a few years ago for a National newspaper family award after my husband was Read more

Husband’s ex is vindictive and our disabled son suffers

March 30, 2013

My husband’s ex changes with the wind, one minute a private payment arrangemnt is acceptable and the next she contacts csa. It is purely vindictive on her part.

However my son is disabled and in receipt of dla and included in the child tax credits is a small disability uplift which csa are taking into account as household income. This is utterly disgusting.

Why should my disabled son have to suffer even more. Surely this cannot be right, legally or morally. Can anyone help me please.

Can we apply for a variation to cover travel costs to pick up daughter?

March 29, 2013

My husband has been paying maintenance for his daughter through the CSA for many years. His previous employment covered out fuel costs which was great as his daughter lives 45 miles away.

We recently got in touch with the CSA to advise a change of employer to which they told him that he was in arrears! How can this be when the payments are taken weekly from his salary? After asking more questions he discovered they had no notification that we have his daughter stay with us every second weekend for 2 nights.

So, in essence his ex partner has been overpaid Read more

My CSA complaint to the DWP

March 29, 2013

An email below to the DWP.


I have no doubt you will press the ‘X’ button than read this email from a working class person who has worked all his life, 47 years old, 2 children from a failed relationship. Never claimed social security and paid my taxes all my working life.

The point?
CSA is an absolute shambles of a department, that is unfair and needs a radical change. I agree there has to be a system for absent parents Read more

CSA forced us to sell our home

March 29, 2013

My partner paid his ex £450 in cash and £450 with a cheque for his children on a private arrangement. He paid this as she told him it is what he has to pay or he will not have contact. She left him after having yet another affair, taking the children with her, the contents of the house and a car he purchased for her two weeks prior. She had planned to leave 6moths earlier, so he found out. He was phoned by his 12 yr old daughter at work telling him he had been burgled, mother never collected her from school so she knew nothing.

To be able to pay her this, for three children, he had to do over time 6 days a week, 12 hour shifts, he did this for two years, then he met me.

After 6 months I moved in with him, she Read more

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