Daughter sues CSA for bankrupting father

March 31, 2010

I do not know if this story will help but it’s mine and my daughters

Emma’s mother (Janette Plummer of Brighton) has last laugh at daughter’s expense

Sometimes it just seems to get nuttier and nuttier out there.

Case in point: Great Britain’s Child Support Agency is threatening to jail a father and sell his house to satisfy his child support debt. The only trouble is that the girl who’s the subject of the support order lives with him. So what the CSA wants to do is jail her custodial parent and put her on the street. All of which is in her interest Read more

CSA is taking my sick children’s tax credits and giving to husband’s ex

March 31, 2010

we have paid weekly money £50 to my husbands ex for 5 years, agreed privatly and with no problems. Now the jealous cow has been told she can get more!!! My god she can do the CSA have got involved.

On my husbands wages she is entitled to £32 a week. Fine we will pay that, no worries. CSA then discover he is the highest earner in our house and so they can have 15% of our weekly tax credits. In a normal situation our tax credits would only be £40 or so but we have 2 children on Disability Living Allowance so our tax credits go up by £100 a week. I can’t work more than 12hrs a week (i get carers allowance)so can’t increase our family income, I have to be home for hospital appoints, therapists etc. They are taking money I get for 2 sick children and giving it to a Read more

Men have no rights with the CSA

March 30, 2010

I feel for any person affected by the CSA, an organisation without morals.

I will not go through everything that has happened to me, every story is so similar in some way or another. You cannot fight goverment, not any of the partys “I ask how many of you non resident parents would gladly look after your children and sign a legal paper not to claim a penny from your ex, well, I am one of them”.

I continue to hear heart breakng stories from people who do not have the right to judge about how if you have children you should pay. Well lets ensure the children are with the parent who can pay Read more

CSA doing nothing about my overpayments

March 30, 2010

My teenage sons left home two years ago to live with their father after living with me for 10 years while i tried – and mostly failed – to get financial support from him from the csa. He was a master at ignoring letters, appealing against decisions and avoiding paying for his children.

After experiencing life on the breadline with 2 young children I was determined to agree to whatever the CSA decided and agreed quite happily to having the money taken out of my salary each month. After about a year the CSA told me they had not been charging me for my elder son – who was over 18 but still at school – and would be applying an extra charge each month until this back pay was paid. They made it sound as if I had deliberately tried to avoid paying when it was their mistake for not reading my case properly.

I decided to pay this underpayment off in a lump sum – £1000 – as I dont like to be thought of as not paying my way and gave the CSA my debit card details to pay this over the phone.

Since then the CSA have ignored this adjustment to my account and continued to Read more

Advice on how to deal with self employment through the CSA

March 29, 2010

Hi there, I’m just hopeing someone out there can help me with a query. I currently have a private arrangement with my ex-husband which all in all has worked really well. He recently has gone self employed (from a well paid previous job). Due to problems with contact which is currently going through our solicitors he hasn’t paid his maintenance this month and was very dismissive about it when I contacted him to chase up the reasons for it not being late.

When I spoke to the CSA to see how payments would be calculated as he is now self-employed they said they would need at least 12 months of accounts from him to accurately calculate his payments. I asked what would happen in the menatime and they said with two children I would receive Read more

CSA brand me ‘non compliant’ because I asked for breakdown

March 29, 2010

I am currently on the verge of tearing my hair out because of the CSA. In June 2009 I was sent a letter telling me that i had been overpaying by nearly 100% for the support of my two children from a previous relationship. When I called them I was told that my new monthly payments will be £188 instead of the £341.00 I had been paying on time every month. I asked at this point for a full breakdown of my case as I was wary after reading so many stories about the CSA. The breakdown was not received until February of this year and stipulated that I owed in the region of £5000. When I called them asking how this could possibly be they said they would look into it and get back to me. No further correspondence by mail or telephone was received until March with a new breakdown detailing that the original amount owed in arrears had been reduced to nearly £4000.

Again i called them and said this cannot be right only to be told that it was but someone would again look into it. Nothing again was heard until earlier this month when I received a letter detailing that because I had questioned the original amount owed I was now regarded as a non compliant payer and a deduction of earnings totaling £541.00 per month had been put through the courts and was now Read more

Can you pay CSA only what you can afford?

March 28, 2010

I am writing on behalf of my partner who has three children from a previous relationship. He has a typical wicked ex, refuses to let him see the children, bitter and jealous etc etc and we have just had a court summons regarding over £6000 arrears to CSA.

My question is, what can the CSA do if you only pay what you can afford? We have a child together and a home to run and i do not think it fair that we have to struggle while she goes on holiday twice a year, lives in a brand new house, has two cars, dresses herself and her Read more

CSA payments are leaving me penniless

March 28, 2010

I have been paying CSA for the past two years because i re-married and have two children with my wife (done in jealously). before CSA i saw my daughter every weekend she came on holidays with us days out etc, and i paid her mum direct. then when CSA was introduced i now never see her, i get blamed for everything and my daugther sees nothing wrong with this.

My family now are really having to watch pennies, we dont go on holidays anymore have to wait for child benefit to buy food., i have no debt (loan, credit cards etc) but cannot afford to live. my children want to do stuff but i just cant afford it as i pay so much to CSA. i want to pay for my daugther but a fair amount so i can live with food – surely this is a human rights issue if we cant afford Read more

Do you have evidence against the CSA?

March 27, 2010

Although I have paid my ex through the CSA religiously for 10 years, there was a period of time when the assessment was at a higher rate than it should have been – my fault for not advising the CSA early enough. They have applied for a liability order but apart from bullying tactics they have made several glaring mistakes which I exposed in court (yesterday). The magistrates have given me 4 weeks – well probably 6 weeks to communicate with them and resolve the issues. I have been in contact with Stephen Geraghty’s (head of CSA) office and intend to Read more

CSA withholding my payments

March 27, 2010

After many years in 2006, the csa finally managed to catch up with my children’s father (or N.R.P to you!) and deducted money from his benefits, latterly obtaining an earnings attatchment.

How much of this cash do you think I have recieved to date? -None! The explainations for this vary and change with whichever member of staff you speak with, but they state that they have not got an ‘update’ of my bank details despite being given this information as an answer to a security question every time I have called.I believe they have purposely withheld cash legally due to me and my children that does Read more

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