Listen to Darren Jamieson from on the radio

July 31, 2010

If you missed the radio show last week where was represent by Darren Jamieson to local radio stations City Talk and Radio City in an interview with Pete Price, then you can listen to the segment right here.

The sound quality isn’t perfect unfortunately due to the way in which it was recorded, but you’ll get the gist of the interview and how came across on the radio.

Do let us know what you thought of the interview, and if you listened to the whole talk show itself – or even if you called in to the show (as we know that Sue from the Child Support Agency, and who wrote this post, did).

CSA asking for me to pay, but I have the child?

July 31, 2010

In 2008 me and my ex split. My daughter returned to live with her mother for about a 2/3 week period. At that point I contacted the CSA to arrange payments. Shortly before it was processed my daughter returned to live with me, and has remained with me.

In the first six months of 2009 they CSA attempted to take a approx £200 month out of my bank account for maintenance payments for a child I had with me. They ignored 3 solicitors letters and I was told due to a ” computer fault they could not stop them or update any of my records “. I spoke to the bank and they said the CSA had to stop them. They eventually stopped in Jun 09. I have now recieved a letter stating that I have £1800 of arrears for the child that lives with me. They are now stating if a dont pay they will Read more

CSA arresting jobseeker’s allowance

July 31, 2010

My partner has been signing on for the last 8 weeks and so far has not had a penny. Apparantly the CSA have arrested his JSA and the Jobcentre say its out of their juristiction, can they do that?

It’s a struggle for myself on a low income to support both of us as £900 doesnt go a long way after rent bill etc and to top it off my pregnant with my first child, his third, we are literally scrapping at the barrel just to survive. I know he gave his ex £150 per week by cheque for both kids and the house she lives in with the live in bf she moved in within weeks of him leaving Read more

CSA threaten to arrest me if I don’t comply

July 30, 2010

This is a long story in entirety. I fell out with the establsihed order a number of years ago over corruption and my intention to whistle blow.

Since then my marriage broke down and my main supporter became “as the enemy” as she uses this corrupt system to beat up on me. I now see my daughter about once a month.

My ex pretended not to want maintenance so that she could make the case in court for the house etc being left to her in almost its entirety…yet BEFORE the case is complete I did get a call from the CSA on my mobile on Read more

CMEC seizes properties owned by absent parents

July 30, 2010

The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission has invoked tough new measures against parents who attempt to shirk their financial responsibilities towards their children.

New laws allowing CMEC to stop or annul the sale or transfer of any assets were brought to bear against a father based in the North West to prevent him selling a property that he had advertised on the internet. The gentleman, who can’t be named, currently owes £78,000 in maintenance to his ex partner after dodging enquiries from the CSA and CMEC for nearly twelve years.

CMEC made a successful application to stop the transaction, as they feared that any proceeds from the sale of the four bedroom house would be beyond their reach.

Chair of CMEC, Dame Janet Paraskeva, commented:

“This case sends a clear message to all parents who have Read more

CSA take a woman’s word over a man’s

July 29, 2010

I am a nrp since 2007 and have two children. I gave my wife 70% of our assets and moved out. I payed maintenance Voluntarily calculated at the CSA rate. But surprise, surprise I got a letter from the CSA saying I had to respond or they would take me to court for non payment. Luckily I had proof as I had paid by cheque. Why did my ex report me 1. She thought she would get the money twice over 2. She was greedy and was hoping for more.

I then told the CSA how many nights I had the children and they lowered maintenance slightly. It suddenly went up again without any notice. When I rang the CSA they said my ex had stated I had them for 3 nights when infact in this period of time I had them for nineteen nights. Fraud! Did they do any thing? Warn her, send her letters. No!

I had to prove I had them for those nineteen nights which I did which Read more

MP threatens CSA over maintenance debt

July 29, 2010

The Child Support Agency has continued to highlight the UK’s debt blackspots with the release of their league table for money owed by absent parents.

The latest figures reveal that Waveney and Norfolk owe a combined £50m, which has been labelled “horrendous” by one of Norfolk’s MPs and has led to widespread condemnation of those who owe money, and calls for reform within the agency.

The figures show that Great Yarmouth is the worst in the region, and 15th worst constituency overall with a total debt of £9.3m.

Waveney has a debt of £8.687m, Norwich South £7.154m and North West Norfolk £6.13m.

Brandon Lewis, the MP for Yarmouth, estimates that around 25 to 30 per cent of his time is spent on offering his constituents CSA advice, and hinted that past efforts to improve the CSA had Read more

How do I know if the CSA is taking too much?

July 28, 2010

My partner is paying for 3 children. He knows he has to pay something toward there up keep, but what the csa are taking a month is leaving him on the brink of poverty. Any help would be much appreciated as we do not have a clue what the rules are, or if there is anythin he can do about it.

He only earns £900 per month. The CSA are taking off him £232 per mth and we have just found out it will be going up to more. He is only left with around £630 per month!! He has a mortage to pay out of this, which is £350. Council Tax, tv licence which we all know has to be paid or you can be taken to court.

So how is he supposed to live, he simply doesnt have Read more

Ex is quids in with CSA, Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits

July 28, 2010

I want to know why the csa decide how much they can take from deducting money from your wages so you have no control over the amount they leave you with; not enough money to pay out what you need to pay out a month and they wont take into account what your out goings a month are? They have left myself & my new wife in finacial hardship, we dont know where to turn.

The csa case workers are full of lies, & have a very bad attitude towards you when you ring up to discuss anything with them & to top it all they say its not their business how you live or that you’re in hardship because of the amounts they take from you.

I’m sick to death hearing of women complaining that Read more

Have my son during school holidays but still pay CSA

July 27, 2010

Starting back in 1997 my other half gave birth to my now (13 year old) son . Things couldn’t be better.

Then a year on we decided to get married, well she asked me although i turned her down the first 2 times cause i didnt want to break sonething that wasnt broken. My hunch was correct, less than a year on she divorced me, waking up one morning saying she didnt want this anymore, just outta the blue.

That was the start of the solicitors letter and police to kick me out.. over nothing may i add.. there was no violence or mental abuse. It was all just cause she didnt want it anymore, it was hell.

Anyway, a few years later after an all time low locked away feeling sorry for myself, wondering if i had done wrong, I picked myself up and thought i would do something with my life instead of wondering what i had Read more

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