CMEC seizes properties owned by absent parents

July 30, 2010

The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission has invoked tough new measures against parents who attempt to shirk their financial responsibilities towards their children.

New laws allowing CMEC to stop or annul the sale or transfer of any assets were brought to bear against a father based in the North West to prevent him selling a property that he had advertised on the internet. The gentleman, who can’t be named, currently owes £78,000 in maintenance to his ex partner after dodging enquiries from the CSA and CMEC for nearly twelve years.

CMEC made a successful application to stop the transaction, as they feared that any proceeds from the sale of the four bedroom house would be beyond their reach.

Chair of CMEC, Dame Janet Paraskeva, commented:

“This case sends a clear message to all parents who have run up substantial maintenance arrears.”

She added:

“Step-by-step the Commission is closing the escape routes for parents who think they can cheat their children out of money from which they are entitled to benefit. No longer can houses, cars and other valuable assets be sold off quickly to prevent the CSA taking possession of them. Those who cynically transfer the legal ownership of property into the names of their new partners risk having those transactions reversed.”

The case is part of heightened enforcement procedures that have seen CMEC apply for such proceedings to 500 properties up for sale across the UK. To date, only 15 properties have been possessed and sold, but these sales have raised over £2m.


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    This coming from the head of CMEC, a lesbian with a pure hate for men and fathers.

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