What to say at CSA Tribunal?

July 27, 2010

My ex husband and I split up in 2008 despite solicitors requests for maintenance payments he wouldn’t pay a reasonable fixed amount, so I went to the CSA. He didn’t fill in any paperwork so they estimated his salary at £17,000. I said this was far less than he had ever earnt. They said I could appeal but as I knew he hadnt filled in any tax returns I had no evidence.

In January 09 they asked him for some evidence. He produced two payslips that said he earnt £118 per week!!!!!!

He is doing an extension around the corner. I appealed and because in his response to my appeal document Read more

CSA case workers are rude and ignorant

July 26, 2010

I’ve been speaking to the CSA on behalf of my partner who has had a real rough time and isnt well enough to be dealing with vile CSA case workers. The woman on the phone said to me repeatedly ‘that little boy’s had nothing from his father‘.

I told her to stop saying that – and explained everything that we do our end i.e he has a full wardrobe here, we take him on holiday, we have him 3 days a week so its not like we only see him twice a month… he is spoilt rotten and has a damn site more compared to most kids!! Again the lady kept repeating that little boys had NOTHING from his father. So I told her she was insulting me and I’d worked very hard to make sure he was properly provided for at his father’s end. In the end, she backed down and said it Read more

CSAhell.com taking part in radio show about the CSA

July 26, 2010

Tomorrow evening, Tuesday July 27th, you’ll be able to hear a radio show in the North West of England on both Radio City and City Talk that discusses the problems of the Child Support Agency, and how many parents with care are not getting the money that is owed to them. Darren Jamieson, from CSAhell.com, will be speaking on the radio show about the website CSAhell.com, why it was created and how it is offering advice and help to both parents with care (PWC) and non resident parents (PWC).

You can listen to the radio show on either Radio City or City Talk, between the hours of 10pm and 2am. Radio City is broadcast on 96.7FM, and City Talk is available on 105.9FM, and on DAB.

You can, if you prefer, listen to either of the shows online at www.radiocity.co.uk, and at www.citytalk.fm.

The show to look out for is called ‘Late Night City with Pete Price’, and anyone who is having difficulties with the Child Support Agency is welcome to phone in to the show and share their problems on air.

We hope to see you there!

Chef beat ex-wife to death following Facebook CSA taunt

July 26, 2010

A court has heard how a chef brutally killed his ex partner following taunts she had written on Facebook after reporting him to the CSA.

Jurors attending the Old Bailey were told of how Adam Mann, of Springfield Road, Bexley, used a hammer to cudgel Lisa Beverley.

The 30-year-old sustained appalling wounds to her chest, neck and head. Her body was discovered by their son, who was five years of age at the time, on September 16th, 2009, who then contacted his grandparents by phone.

The couple were wed in 2001 and divorced by 2007, with their relationship deteriorating even more in the following two years. Mann, 29, who was employed as a cook at a Dartford based Harvester restaurant, is accused of killing his ex partner following the receipt of a demand from the Child Support Agency to pay £400 arrears.

Ms Beverley had contacted the CSA for help and updated her status on social networking site Facebook the day prior to her murder. It said:

“”Now who’s laughing? You have got done big time by the CSA so now leave us alone for good. Your son hates you and so do I.”

The following day, Mann contacted the CSA and claimed Read more

CSA won’t take our private agreement into account

July 25, 2010

My husband has 2 children to his first marriage & pays for them through an agreement made between themselves. He as 2 other children to his 2nd marriage, who has gone through the csa. He was unemployed last year due to him having a heart attack, then was under heart investigation until december 2009 in which he was told he could go back to work.

He started a job for 3 weeks in jan, then he got a better paid which started on the 1st of march so he was off work for 2 weeks without a job, the csa have claimed to have wrote to my husband in january and april this year but we never received any letters from them. The first we knew about any claims for csa was on the 10th july 2010, in which my husband was in arrears of £1500 pound and deo order was put on his wages at the end of july for £350 pound.

I’m out of work at the moment & my husband brings home £1100 pound a month. Our out goings for the month are 970 so we have been left in financial hardship and cannot afford to pay what we owe out. We rang the csa & told them Read more

Ex lives in luxury while my new family has nothing

July 25, 2010

I split with my ex partner 2 n half years ago as she had an affair. When i found out she locked me out the house (which i was on rent book for) and within a week he was living with her.

I was workin as a builder and my wages werent always the same, so some weeks i couldnt afford to pay my csa. Then the ressesion came about and my wages took a big drop so couldnt afford it at all. I spent 2 years homeless after my split. Which cost me alot living in bnb and hostels.

Now 2 n half years later iv got the csa hounding me for £12,000 and iv got a new girlfreind and a baby so i jus cannot afford to pay it. My wages are due to b arrested next week which is gona leave my family skint. And she lives with her boyfriend, their new baby and my kids n they have 4 times the income of me n my family.

Payments made direct to ex ‘do not count’ says CSA

July 24, 2010

I agreed to pay maintenance direct back in 2006 to ex, but csa updated there system one week later to say i should be paying them.

Then in oct 2009 recieved notice of over 4k arrears. They went down the DEO route. I have tried to complain, done the independant case route, but still no joy in getting this sorted.

They have given me the right of appeal but csa state that any payments direct to ex will not be taken into consideration as i did not keep reciepts. Can anybody give me any advice on what route to try next?

CSA case worker hung up the phone on me

July 24, 2010

My daughter is sixteen on the 25th of July. Despite contacting the CSA when she was three years old, I haven’t received a penny from her father. She is almost 16 now and I have brought her up on my own entirely.

It has been a struggle and I am disgusted that someone can bring a child into the world but not feel any responsibility towards their upkeep. As for the CSA I stopped bothering them as they didn’t do anything to get the money off my ex-partner because I was working and not claiming benefits. At one point, someone put the phone down on me saying they were not paid enough to ‘take this shit!’

The CSA have let my child down big time; although she has had everything I could provide, she would have had more if she’d just received a little bit from her ‘father’ – I use the term loosely!

CSA ask for money from when I wasn’t working

July 23, 2010

I finished work in Feb and have just started working again and the when i finished work i phoned the CSA and told them.

I have just recieved a call asking for a payment in the arrears. Is that possible?

I wasnt earning so how can they ask for money?

Anyone received advanced payment from the CSA?

July 23, 2010

Has anyone recieved an advanced payment? If so how long does it take? I have had a letter stating the amount due to me and was told it would take 21 days to reach my account, i am still waiting and keep being told the amount has to be checked by various departments.

Any help appreciated

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