Ex lives in luxury while my new family has nothing

July 25, 2010

I split with my ex partner 2 n half years ago as she had an affair. When i found out she locked me out the house (which i was on rent book for) and within a week he was living with her.

I was workin as a builder and my wages werent always the same, so some weeks i couldnt afford to pay my csa. Then the ressesion came about and my wages took a big drop so couldnt afford it at all. I spent 2 years homeless after my split. Which cost me alot living in bnb and hostels.

Now 2 n half years later iv got the csa hounding me for £12,000 and iv got a new girlfreind and a baby so i jus cannot afford to pay it. My wages are due to b arrested next week which is gona leave my family skint. And she lives with her boyfriend, their new baby and my kids n they have 4 times the income of me n my family.


  • John says:

    Well Billy, with the recession (at least you got the ‘r’ in the right place) still with us, you now have plenty of time to go back to primary school and learn English!

  • Miles says:

    John – nice.

  • graeme says:

    as a builder i would have bricked the front door up….but hey thats just my way of thinking….

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