Anyone received advanced payment from the CSA?

July 23, 2010

Has anyone recieved an advanced payment? If so how long does it take? I have had a letter stating the amount due to me and was told it would take 21 days to reach my account, i am still waiting and keep being told the amount has to be checked by various departments.

Any help appreciated


  • Karen Bedford says:

    Hi are you sure its an advance payment? If so, well done, it shouldnt take long, I got mine within 7-14 days.

  • Helen says:

    Yes its an Advanced payment, taken ages to get to this stage,my MP and ICE have worked wonders.
    There is a new check the Goverment have brought in that says any Advanced payment over £5000 has to go through lenghthy checks before it can be released . ICE have given them until the 3rd Aug to get the money into my account so we will see if that happens. Good to hear you got yours!!

  • Martin Jock Laird says:

    I wouldn't hold my breath they will more than probaly mess up your payment but what else would you expect

  • Nicki Jane says:

    The whole system is rubbish!

  • Gill Baxter says:

    My payment went into a 'holding' system despite all details being correct and took 3 attempts to get it released. I'd imagine the interest on this holding account comes in handy for bonuses etc!

  • Margaret Lake says:

    probably this time next year love they dont do anything in a rush they dont know how to best of luck cause you will need it.

  • Nigel Thompson says:

    my brother in law had 15k back off them took 15 days, so there prob messing u about, but that the csa for you hope its sorted for you soon good luck

  • Joanne says:

    How do u get an advanced payment? is that on ur arrears my ex owes me approx 3 grand i had heard about this and asked the CSA and they denied any knowledge of advanced payments

  • Helen says:

    The CSA dont advertise Advanced Payments. Basicly if you have arreas owing and the CSA are at fault by delaying chasing payments, maladministration etc etc then you can apply for an Advanced Payment.
    I used ICE ( indipendent case examiner) its free but they do a full check on your case and deal with the CSA for you. I had my MP help me out too-i dont believe i would have got any where dealing with the CSA myself.
    It does take time but they will pay you interest on the arreas owing.
    Good Luck

  • Joanne says:

    omg!! I did ask them they denied it and i felt stupid lol!!! Thankyou for that!!! I have ICE involved at the mo but only because they have messed up my assessment nothing to with the arreaers saying that my ex pays £40 a mont on the arrears but at that rate she will be 29 when hes finished paying it off!!!!

  • tracyj says:

    Phoned csa 4 1000th time today and was told processing team should’ve called to say i’ve been considered 4 an advanced pymnt. He didnt want 2 commit 2 the fact it was csa error and that monies should’ve been paid even when ex took out an iva and went bankrupt (£35k wedding and 2 mnths travelling honeymoon!) then closed my case! Ex hasn’t paid 4 5 yrs and now owes the children £27,000 so hope they do pay interest, it’ll cover the cost of keep ringing them. Got to call back nxt Thurs if no-ones contacts me. I wont hold my breath.

  • mrs wiggett says:

    my case has been running for 17 years backed dated payment of 23,000 is now owed its gone to enforcement his been to court still nothing ..its on old case rules its not even on a system any more its even gone clerical!! in 17 years ive never recived one letter with a progress report absolutly nothing..
    it onlyy moves on alittle when i call them!! the only way i know whats going on when i recive a call from my ex spitting pips cause they have contacted him ive recive two payments from sourse and he changed his bank account!!! so now back to square one!! i work full time i get dont recive any goverment help cause i earn to much !! a joke i make ends meet … my youngest son wants to go to collage in may i cant afford him to go as he wont quailify for EMA and ill have to pay for his course so im incouraging him but im hoping and praying he choses an apprentership like his bro but if he takes an appentership like his older brother his CSA and my child benifit stops hows that fare….. 17 years come march 2011 and ive recved not a penny not one letter nor phone call its me doing all the running around!! im soooo peed off with the CSA theve helped me NOTTTTT!!!

  • barbara says:

    help my advance payment has been on hold for over a year,was told i have to wait until my ex makes three payments before they will look at my case . he has made three payment but one was not a full payment so they have now said they must be full payments i am now owed over £57,000.00 because they have made mistake after mistake even closed my case by mistake for 2 years and nobody noticed even though i rang ever fortnight and even had a liabilty order issued 16 year ago and they said that they had followed it up

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