CSA ask for money from when I wasn’t working

July 23, 2010

I finished work in Feb and have just started working again and the when i finished work i phoned the CSA and told them.

I have just recieved a call asking for a payment in the arrears. Is that possible?

I wasnt earning so how can they ask for money?


  • Nigel Thompson says:

    last time i wasnt working i had to pay min £5 week ,if you earn under £100 min payments are £5 thats what i was told off the csa , and i didnt have a penny coming in, there a bunch of plonkers im still fighting them on a number of things but as every one says they dont want to know they just want to bleed as much as they can out of the fathers that are paying easy money for them lol

  • brokenfather says:

    Check that they havent made a mistake, but I would bet they will deny you ever having told them.

    A hard lesson tio learn. Always, always, always put any communication to the CSA in writing and send so you can obtain proof of receipt.

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