Chef beat ex-wife to death following Facebook CSA taunt

July 26, 2010

A court has heard how a chef brutally killed his ex partner following taunts she had written on Facebook after reporting him to the CSA.

Jurors attending the Old Bailey were told of how Adam Mann, of Springfield Road, Bexley, used a hammer to cudgel Lisa Beverley.

The 30-year-old sustained appalling wounds to her chest, neck and head. Her body was discovered by their son, who was five years of age at the time, on September 16th, 2009, who then contacted his grandparents by phone.

The couple were wed in 2001 and divorced by 2007, with their relationship deteriorating even more in the following two years. Mann, 29, who was employed as a cook at a Dartford based Harvester restaurant, is accused of killing his ex partner following the receipt of a demand from the Child Support Agency to pay £400 arrears.

Ms Beverley had contacted the CSA for help and updated her status on social networking site Facebook the day prior to her murder. It said:

“”Now who’s laughing? You have got done big time by the CSA so now leave us alone for good. Your son hates you and so do I.”

The following day, Mann contacted the CSA and claimed he had nowhere to live. He also declined to pay any arrears until a paternity test was taken to determine if he was the actual father of their child.

Jurors were told how his new partner, 27 year-old Elizabeth Kilgallon, provided a false alibi by stating that they had both been in bed at the time the murder occurred.
The trial is continuing.


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    and the wrong person is in the dock why isnt a representative of the csa there no csa no murder no case seems simple to me

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