CSA case workers are rude and ignorant

July 26, 2010

I’ve been speaking to the CSA on behalf of my partner who has had a real rough time and isnt well enough to be dealing with vile CSA case workers. The woman on the phone said to me repeatedly ‘that little boy’s had nothing from his father‘.

I told her to stop saying that – and explained everything that we do our end i.e he has a full wardrobe here, we take him on holiday, we have him 3 days a week so its not like we only see him twice a month… he is spoilt rotten and has a damn site more compared to most kids!! Again the lady kept repeating that little boys had NOTHING from his father. So I told her she was insulting me and I’d worked very hard to make sure he was properly provided for at his father’s end. In the end, she backed down and said it was an unusual case and she’d have to get someone to ring me back.

Seems all they are bothered about it getting money out of fathers and not actually listening to the circumstances. I also asked her were we to expect money from the child’s mother during periods where we take him away for a full week? Does it work both ways? No I didnt think so… disgusting how people abuse this system when there are others out there that really need help.

It doesn’t suddenley become free when the child is with us…. we still have to pay for food, clothing, entertainment etc etc!!!!


  • Brokenfather says:

    I have previously come across a guy who cared for his child 12 nights per annum less than the mother. Those 12 nights allowed her to demand CM from him via the CSA, and all the CB & CTC.

    Its an unfair biased system.

  • Eric says:

    my wife and i just got married about a week and a half ago. when my wife told them the update on it her case worker actually gave her bad news stating its my responsibility to watch her kids and take care . thats no problem when i can. but since she just got married it did throw some things off track. my wife question the things the case worker was telling her and the women got really rude then told my wife ” maybe you shouldn’t have got married”. my wife got real upset . when she called me crying and told me i was extremely pissed off. case workers are their to help not put down and speak their opinions. i want this women fired!

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