CSA case worker hung up the phone on me

July 24, 2010

My daughter is sixteen on the 25th of July. Despite contacting the CSA when she was three years old, I haven’t received a penny from her father. She is almost 16 now and I have brought her up on my own entirely.

It has been a struggle and I am disgusted that someone can bring a child into the world but not feel any responsibility towards their upkeep. As for the CSA I stopped bothering them as they didn’t do anything to get the money off my ex-partner because I was working and not claiming benefits. At one point, someone put the phone down on me saying they were not paid enough to ‘take this shit!’

The CSA have let my child down big time; although she has had everything I could provide, she would have had more if she’d just received a little bit from her ‘father’ – I use the term loosely!