What to say at CSA Tribunal?

July 27, 2010

My ex husband and I split up in 2008 despite solicitors requests for maintenance payments he wouldn’t pay a reasonable fixed amount, so I went to the CSA. He didn’t fill in any paperwork so they estimated his salary at £17,000. I said this was far less than he had ever earnt. They said I could appeal but as I knew he hadnt filled in any tax returns I had no evidence.

In January 09 they asked him for some evidence. He produced two payslips that said he earnt £118 per week!!!!!!

He is doing an extension around the corner. I appealed and because in his response to my appeal document he ranted and raved about anything other than financial information they had no choice but to take it to a Tribunal, which is in a months time. All I want is a fair amount to bring up and support my three young children. He is currently paying me £13 per week!! He is a law on his own. Has anyone got any advice for the tribunal?

I have given the tribunal as much evidence as I can for example what I think his tax return should be for the whole of 2008 and part of 2009.


  • Karen Bedford says:

    Can you contact me directly, as I have done loads of tribunals! I suggest you go to London (obviously if you can) as the one I had in Enfield was useless, no proper notes, scribbled ones that no one could read, only a judge who was so biased it was unreal! In London, I had a Chartered Accountant and a Legal Expert aswell as the Chairman and they asked my ex many many questions, all he couldnt answer if give reasons to!! So dont worry if you have a fair tribunal like I have had but unfortunately I didnt have in Enfield in Mar 09, which Im still waiting to hear if set aside – yes nearly 18 months later – when the time limit is 3 months! Just take as much evidence and give as much as you can, I suspect your ex would either bring nothing – like mine did – or if he does, could be suspicious! The only problem is even if it goes in your favour, doesnt mean you will get the money that is owed – thats where the system falls down. It will then have to go on to maybe Bailiffs, Courts, etc. Good Luck. (take a friend / family member with you if its bit daunting – doesnt worry me now as Im old hand at it all – unfortunately!!!)

    Also please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others as you will see there are hundreds in similar situations and there is advice and support on there – so you will see you are no way on your own, unfortunately!!

  • Karl Garrett says:

    What to say at CSA Tribunal? – easy, “I’m a woman & I want everything…..”

  • Jay O'Hara says:

    I have some harsh advice for you; go shared parenting 50/50 with him and the time spent with their father will have to be paid for by him..Sounds like a good idea, if he's ranting and raving, then you two have unresolved issues – Am i right in guessing that relations are strained between you 2 regarding access?If you open up to him, and ask him what it is he wants, he might be honest and tell you and that gives you the opportunity to say to him, it costs X amount to bring up our kids – can you get that?Why not ask him if he can bring food shopping home once a week or get him more involved rather than just go after the money?

  • Terry Scott says:

    Well said JAY O’Hara wish others would be more open to providing contact rather than using their children as beating sticks!


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