CSA won’t take our private agreement into account

July 25, 2010

My husband has 2 children to his first marriage & pays for them through an agreement made between themselves. He as 2 other children to his 2nd marriage, who has gone through the csa. He was unemployed last year due to him having a heart attack, then was under heart investigation until december 2009 in which he was told he could go back to work.

He started a job for 3 weeks in jan, then he got a better paid which started on the 1st of march so he was off work for 2 weeks without a job, the csa have claimed to have wrote to my husband in january and april this year but we never received any letters from them. The first we knew about any claims for csa was on the 10th july 2010, in which my husband was in arrears of £1500 pound and deo order was put on his wages at the end of july for £350 pound.

I’m out of work at the moment & my husband brings home £1100 pound a month. Our out goings for the month are 970 so we have been left in financial hardship and cannot afford to pay what we owe out. We rang the csa & told them this was the 1st correspontance we had ad off them and asked for a copy of the letters that we had supposed to have received to be told by them that they had no saved letters on the computer. When i asked why & shouldnt they save all out going letters & in coming letters on the computer she said no!!!!

We went on to ask if the payments could be reduced to a reasonable amount that we could afford as the amount they was asking for would leave us in finacial hardship, she said no. We also asked if the arrears could be calcultated over 24 months, she said no & our hardship was not her problem & couldnt help us.

We said we pay for 2 other children to my husbands first marriage & can provide them with her address name & phone number to varifiy this, only again we was told we cant take that into accout its not done through us!! So now those 2 children will have to go with out as we cant afford to eat & live our selfs let alone pay to wards the other 2 children.

We are at our whits end its making us ill, as it probably is 1000s of nr parents. The csa lie, make things up as they go along, say you have recived letters when you havent and wont even take your rent & council tax into consideration. In our case this adds up to 500 pound a month, they should take into account the income the exs have going in there homes, then the income we have coming into our homes, then decide on a realistic figure.

My husband is thinking of leaving work as either way we cannot live & no one can give us any help.


  • Martin Jock Laird says:

    I had the same problems sold my house and it just keeps on going up and up I pay any thing over 100 pound a week. But now I'm allowed to earn 190 a week and my rent is 125. But they don't care it saves them chasing the ones that don't pay

  • deadbeatdad says:

    The CSA are compulsive liars and they abuse powers i order to rake in more revenue which is not actually going to the children. Be prepared for a threat of taking you to court where they state they WILL get the order granted. In order to prevent that order going through you need to come here http://www.deadbeatdadsassociation.co.uk

    We have loads of hands on experience in the courts and we know all the unlawful scams they pull.

  • lc says:

    to deadbeatdads

    hi could you tell me what information on your web site i need to look at please,how can i get the deo stopped ???

    thanks lc

  • martyn says:

    I understand were the above cple are coming from exactly

    Also been told of letters i should of recieved and never
    my csa took 5 years bfore they finally decided on a figure
    now saying 16,500 in arrears , and take 45% of my nett earnings leaving me not enough to get through each month ..
    either run the car to work or eat , its that bad .been paid monthly when 5 weeks in a month struggle to pay the 5th weeks rent , it never ends
    now need dental care all i see is £££££££££££££££££££££££
    when asked to reduce the arrears payment of £400 per month was told no they could not do this i pay £650 per month
    im not hiding or trying to get out of paying my csa , but if i was not working rent, council tax dental fees would be 1 less worry …..
    the csa are deaf ears , with no face and dont see the bigger picture of the non resident

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