CSA asking for me to pay, but I have the child?

July 31, 2010

In 2008 me and my ex split. My daughter returned to live with her mother for about a 2/3 week period. At that point I contacted the CSA to arrange payments. Shortly before it was processed my daughter returned to live with me, and has remained with me.

In the first six months of 2009 they CSA attempted to take a approx £200 month out of my bank account for maintenance payments for a child I had with me. They ignored 3 solicitors letters and I was told due to a ” computer fault they could not stop them or update any of my records “. I spoke to the bank and they said the CSA had to stop them. They eventually stopped in Jun 09. I have now recieved a letter stating that I have £1800 of arrears for the child that lives with me. They are now stating if a dont pay they will collect through a DEO.

As for the my proper application to claim maintenance for my daughter, they have no record of 2 written applications, 1 online application and numerous conversations.

Congrats to the CSA, in 18 months you have managed to try and take £1000 in D/D from me, now say I owe £1800 in arrears for a child living with me and have not collected a single penny from my ex.

In the CSA world I am both the PWC, NRP and should expect to pay and recieve maintenance for the 1 child I have!!!!!!


  • Brokenfather says:

    Complain to your MP.

  • lisa says:

    OMG, It gets worse the CSA are a bunch of half wit morons

  • Sally says:

    What a terrible (but not surprising) situation Kevin… however, you must understand that the CSA is here to ‘help’ your child…. it’s here to provide a fair assessment of circumstances to ensure the welfare of the child is priority…

    It’s quite clearly your fault… you must have done something wrong, not completed a form properly, are you absolutely sure the solicitors letters were actually sent??? I mean, the CSA would NEVER ignore such important information, and before you say it, NO! they never throw important information such as this away in an attempt to keep you paying…

    I’m being sarcastic of course, the CSA are the most incompetent company on the planet and are getting away with day light robbery … literally…!! They blame your problem on a ‘system’ error… the one thing the CSA excel at are coming up with excuses as to why they can’t help the people who truly need it… the staff are either brain-dead or brainwashed, either way, you are made to suffer because of it…

    I’d support Lisa’s comment and would recommend you do what Brokenfather says and contact your MP, ours helped a little bit…

    I truly wish you all the best Kevin, Please keep us posted…

  • chall says:


    Do you claim child benefit for your daughter or does your ex?

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