Ex is quids in with CSA, Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits

July 28, 2010

I want to know why the csa decide how much they can take from deducting money from your wages so you have no control over the amount they leave you with; not enough money to pay out what you need to pay out a month and they wont take into account what your out goings a month are? They have left myself & my new wife in finacial hardship, we dont know where to turn.

The csa case workers are full of lies, & have a very bad attitude towards you when you ring up to discuss anything with them & to top it all they say its not their business how you live or that you’re in hardship because of the amounts they take from you.

I’m sick to death hearing of women complaining that thier ex husbands are in arrears with their payments. Is there any wonder we are? We just cannot afford to run 2 homes, so our marital home has to suffer and the exs live in luxury.

The system’s all wrong. About time it was sorted. I’m not saying i dont want to pay for my children but lets get real, it doesnt cost £400 pound a month 2 keep them. Then they wonder why some men kill them selves, what with child tax credits & working tax credits the exs are quids in!!


  • Karl Garrett says:

    Welcome to hell!. I’m in exactly in the same situation with a £730 penance per month, whilst the ex has the marital house, all the contents and a new bloke with a new Land-rover… I have a 1 bed shed, no car, and bankrupt. but this is fair apparently. Emigrate, this is the only option.

  • gemma says:

    im a resident parent getting nothing from my ex. I agree with you guys its not fair, its way too much, you need to live as well.

    he has now quit his job (or so he says) as the csa r demanding too much, but then is it his own fault for using our mutual agreement as a weapon??

  • Karl Garrett says:

    gemma, it sounds like our situation is the same, but reversed. My ex uses the CSA as a weapon, and this is causing me to consider emigrating to get away from it. Then I can stick the money in an account for the kids, not give it to the greedy cow.

    It’s like tax, the more they screw you, the more avoidance there is, it’s simple. It’s to much!!

  • thomas ajakaiye says:

    I was just in the process of looking up on tax credits and csa when i came across this….. Kinda put the stop on it as i’m paying arrears of ridiculous amounts i work away constantly and cant even afford to rent but that don’t mean sh*t to these people the x works has a boyfriend who works claims tax everything and takes 300 a month off me which in itself is bad but given the nature of my work sometimes i dont have any but that doesn’t matter they just roll it over to the next week and if i’m off 2wks then it rolls over again so by the time i get paid i’m left with jack…….. What a f***ing joke this system is.

  • jenny lewis says:

    we.ve just recieved a letter from the csa for my husbands son who is 12.5 years and hiss ex has just decided she wants money. Is it right that they take into consideration our 2 childrens child tax credits, and working tax credits into account when working out the amount?

  • chall says:

    Hi jenny lewis,

    For CSA purpose, working tax credits are deemed the income of the higher earner OR split 50/50 if you and your OH earn the same.
    Child tax credits are deemed the income of the non resident parent.

    You should however, if both the children that live in your household are classed as relevant others, receive a 20% reduction prior to the 15% being calculated for your OH son.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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