Surely the CSA is in breach of my civil liberties

February 28, 2015

I attended a liability hearing at magistrates court. the case was ajourned until march 5th. csa admitted they had not finalised a figure and therefore a liability order could not be granted.

They new this before hand but never bothered to tell me until i attended court.

I lost a days pay plus travel expenses. the csa case worker apologised and sympathised and the magistrate appreciated my “Angst at being put in this position..” He also went on to say that his hands were tied and that i could not dispute the amount of the liability order.if i dissagreed with the amount i had to raise the issue with csa.

I pointed out that these giftless call centre failures don’t know themselves, and that i had received letters quoting four different amounts in the last 6 weeks. i also pointed out that it had taken 18 years for them to contact me and had in fact been 8 years since my case was closed (which i did not know due to never being contacted by csa. the csa admitted that they had not informed me about this cruical change and apologised for this oversite.) the csa case worker could not and would not give me a straight answer about whichever point i raised.she simply said it is “government legislation”.

The basis of their claim is that i had ignored a requests for payment back in 1994 so had been penalised. i stated that i had been lodging with a friend in 1994 so they did not have a postal address for me so could not have sent a letter to me directly.i also stated that from 1994 to 1996 i was un-employed having been made redundent and had claimed un-employment benefit and housing benefit during that time.

Of course whilst on benefits they new my circumstances and whereabouts but made no attempt to contact me. low and behold they admitted that they had not written to me after all but had,in fact, written to my former employer! how convenient that this person can longer be relied upon to disprove this.

These false claims and malicious lies would result in a prison sentence if a case appeared in a county or higher court.thats why the highest court involved is the magistrate who’s hands are tied and by his own admittion is only obliged to rubber stamp the liability order.

Surely this is a breech of my civil liberties? It amounts to totalitarianism not a free democracy!

Can the CSA legally do this?

February 28, 2015

I have had a private arrangement for 8 and a half years and have now had a letter from the CSA claiming £700 from before the case was closed.

Does anyone know if the have any legal right to claim this?

How can the CSA just change the goalposts without letting us know?

February 28, 2015

Well i thought my hell was over, but when i rang them today to tell them my oldest child was 19 last week and that would be the end of CSA.

I was told they have changed the age limit to 20!!! Tw*ts.

No letterwas sent to me to tell me about changes!!!!

How does the CSA handle the change to self-employed?

February 27, 2015

Im thinking of going selfemployed,how much do i pay and when?

Do i keep paying what i am paying then sort it after my first tax return?

Why can’t the father demand a DNA test?

February 27, 2015

Csa not interested in helping my son find out if he is the father to a child. He’s not on the birth cert and we have loved him from day one. They were never together as a couple and he has a new girlfriend.

The child’s mother has stopped all contact between us and the little boy but is demanding money.

Willingly my son would pay the money but serious doubts have been raised about parentage.

Csa say they can’t help him find out as the request for dna testing has to come to them from the mother. So where do we go from here?

She won’t do one even though my son says he will pay for it.

What happens to CSA in cases of bankruptcy?

February 27, 2015

If someone goes bankrupt do they still need to pay there csa arrears after?

Any help appreciated.

CSA just bleeds fathers dry

February 26, 2015

After my ex-wife decided that the £30 a week I was paying her was not enough she told me to cancel the standing order for the £30 weekly payments and informed me that she had registered with the csa as she (was entitled) to more money for our 5 year old Son.

So after receiving letters from the CSA notifying me that they were now in the process of calculating how much my weekly payments were going to be I went and cancelled the standing order as per my ex-wife’s request.

I provided all the information required and I also informed the csa that I had moved out of the area since we split and I am also incurring travel costs on top of the £30 I was paying when we had the amicable agreement.

The CSA informed me that I could fill in a variation document which they sent me and I returned via 1st class signed for delivery. I spent a lot of time outlining the details of the travel costs I incur and the fact that my ex point blankly refuses to contribute to the traveling involved for me to maintain contact with my Son.

I also informed them of debts I am still paying from joint loans and credit agreements etc we had before we split. Also the fact that I cloth, feed, provide holidays for and everything else my Son needed to have to have a comfortable upbringing after the effects he’s had to endure from his parents separation.

So I wait..and I wait…and I wait some more. For a response to my variation application.

Fed up of waiting after 3 months I made a couple of phone calls to the csa and each time they told me they would look into it and someone would call me back.

Nobody ever did.

Then after approx 9-10 months I received a letter from them, telling me they have calculated that I will be paying £47 a week and on top of that a payment of £35 for arrears incurred.(hang on a minute, the delay was your fault!!) And an attachment of earnings had been setup and the money would be taken directly out of my salary. £83 a week.

No mention of the re-calculation based on the information I provided in the variation document.

So after a few lengthy phone calls. Where I was close to tears after being told that £83 a week; totalling £332 a month was to be taken straight out of my salary. I asked them about the variation information I provided.

They informed me that they hadn’t received it and that they would request it from there document storage location and get back to me.

Then I called again. And apparently they are unable to locate it but they will keep me updated.

I’m still waiting.

So to sum it up. I am now paying £332 a month and I have very little disposable income left to be able to afford the travel cost I incur every month to collect and return my Son to his mother.

I have obviously informed my ex-wife of this. To which she replied. “The CSA remains. You know where he lives if you want to see him”.

I’m a broken man and it feels like its a case of rent a child, or something like that.

I thought the CSA were there to act in the best interests of the child.

Not bleed the father dry and leave him with no money left to be able to maintain contact.

I am at a loss what to do. Any advice would be appreciated.

Can CSA be reduced if kids are not in ex’s care?

February 26, 2015

I have 2 children with my ex, aged 4 & 3, and i have a 9 month old with my current partner. The 3 year old has a bowel condition which is pretty much living with Diarrhea 24/7. This requires a specialist diet, with specialists foods which cost a lot more.

She goes through more clothing and we go through more washing than usual when i have my contact.

She has been in and out of hospital since first being diagnosed at 5 weeks old. and lately shes been in there since the 14/01/15.

I have a 0 hour contract job which was doing ok but my hours have suddenly dropped to next to nothing.

Do i have to pay CSA towards that particular child whilst she is in a long term care at the hospital? as the ex leaves her there fri-mon (to do her washing apparently), the Hospital provide all food, nappies (due to the condition) etc. and 4 year old is staying with Maternal Grandmother the whole time.

Of which i dont get my contact, seperatly or together despite the temporary court order gives me 6 hours once a week.

So the question is can i get a reduction of my £180-odd monthly Payments because the children arent in her care, she stays at the hospital with her but only weekends and she has been in there over a month with more time expected.

Should I claim CSA to avoid confusion?

February 26, 2015

Hello, i am seperated from my wife and i have 2 young sons 3 and 6.

I would like to arrange payments through CSA as i am currently paying my ex cash and have been told this is not a wise move as she may claim that i am not.

Is this the best thing to do?

Could I receive CSA?

February 25, 2015

My husband has a daughter from a previous relationship he does not work due to ill health he claims invalidity and dla.

I work full time and i have 2 dependant children.

Would my husbnad have to pay maintenance?

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