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Should I claim CSA to avoid confusion?

Hello, i am seperated from my wife and i have 2 young sons 3 and 6.

I would like to arrange payments through CSA as i am currently paying my ex cash and have been told this is not a wise move as she may claim that i am not.

Is this the best thing to do?

5 thoughts on “Should I claim CSA to avoid confusion?

  1. I would avoid them like the plague. Once they are involved they will cause you problems and only she can cancel them. Start paying either by cheque or bank transfer that you can prove and always put the reference as “child maintenance” so she can’t claim that the money is for something else. Also see if you can get her to sign a letter saying that up until this point you have made all payments in cash and no payments are outstanding

  2. well if your ex opens a CMS case there will be a charge of £20 to pay by the ex, also if you or the ex uses the new CMS the following apples, a charge of 20% is charged to the NRP on top of calculation,the recieving parent is charged 4%, ( making money out of children) as you have a private agreement you cannot accrue arrears, however it’s been known by CSA/CMS to hit you with arrears ( as they caint do math and the calculator they use only has an addition button) trust me I sent them an abacus just to ensure they could count and still get it wrong, they are incompetent and incapable at every level, they are nothing but cockroaches whom spread there vermin and disease,keep to what you have in place ensure you pay by bank transfer with a red number clearly stating its for child support, never ever pay by cash, if you can draw up some form of contract that you and your ex can agree to even better, good luck

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