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Why can’t the father demand a DNA test?

Csa not interested in helping my son find out if he is the father to a child. He’s not on the birth cert and we have loved him from day one. They were never together as a couple and he has a new girlfriend.

The child’s mother has stopped all contact between us and the little boy but is demanding money.

Willingly my son would pay the money but serious doubts have been raised about parentage.

Csa say they can’t help him find out as the request for dna testing has to come to them from the mother. So where do we go from here?

She won’t do one even though my son says he will pay for it.

One thought on “Why can’t the father demand a DNA test?

  1. If he is not on the birth certificate then its not for him to prove if hes the Dad it would be logical for the Mother to prove this.
    I would call their bluff and just say the child isn’t his and the onus on proof is with the Mother.

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