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Surely the CSA is in breach of my civil liberties

I attended a liability hearing at magistrates court. the case was ajourned until march 5th. csa admitted they had not finalised a figure and therefore a liability order could not be granted.

They new this before hand but never bothered to tell me until i attended court.

I lost a days pay plus travel expenses. the csa case worker apologised and sympathised and the magistrate appreciated my “Angst at being put in this position..” He also went on to say that his hands were tied and that i could not dispute the amount of the liability order.if i dissagreed with the amount i had to raise the issue with csa.

I pointed out that these giftless call centre failures don’t know themselves, and that i had received letters quoting four different amounts in the last 6 weeks. i also pointed out that it had taken 18 years for them to contact me and had in fact been 8 years since my case was closed (which i did not know due to never being contacted by csa. the csa admitted that they had not informed me about this cruical change and apologised for this oversite.) the csa case worker could not and would not give me a straight answer about whichever point i raised.she simply said it is “government legislation”.

The basis of their claim is that i had ignored a requests for payment back in 1994 so had been penalised. i stated that i had been lodging with a friend in 1994 so they did not have a postal address for me so could not have sent a letter to me directly.i also stated that from 1994 to 1996 i was un-employed having been made redundent and had claimed un-employment benefit and housing benefit during that time.

Of course whilst on benefits they new my circumstances and whereabouts but made no attempt to contact me. low and behold they admitted that they had not written to me after all but had,in fact, written to my former employer! how convenient that this person can longer be relied upon to disprove this.

These false claims and malicious lies would result in a prison sentence if a case appeared in a county or higher court.thats why the highest court involved is the magistrate who’s hands are tied and by his own admittion is only obliged to rubber stamp the liability order.

Surely this is a breech of my civil liberties? It amounts to totalitarianism not a free democracy!

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