No communication from the CSA

June 30, 2010

Four years of trying to get something from my ex partner through the CSA. I have made numerous phone calls and got no where. They never ever have the correct information and i can never speak to my case worker, who i get told will call me back but never does.

I was told she did call me back when i stayed in all day waiting for a phone call, but she didnt, she had infact phoned someone else who couldnt pass the security questions.

Yet again i gave them the correct contact details. Each time i try to speak to my case worker i am told she is not in or wont deal with phone calls that day.

I have worked since Feb 2007 and have to confirm this on each phone call, because they think i have been on benefits so any debt is owed to the state and not me. Once they finally accepted this they said i was owed £7000. I expected things to get moving Read more

Just want the CSA to be fair

June 30, 2010

I have been paying CSA now for 11 years. Long story, I wont bore you with the details suffice to say that it was unplanned, well I wasnt planning, however she was and failed to tell, it was a mate of mine who gave me the heads up to say she wasnt on the pill. I confronted her with that information, she had previously told me she was on the pill, and the excuse was that she thought that she was unable to have kids… yes i know, i still should have worn protection.

However the deed was done, she had no interest in being with me, I had a DNA done to be on the safe side and started making payments. My first arreas bill was £1500 as it took 6 months to sort out. Strangley though the following year I had a letter saying my payments were increasing. And even though i was paying my arreas off, that had increased to over £2000. Naively i didnt do anything. The year after that i received another letter, this time it had been re-directed to me from my paybase, asking for my employer to give details of my pay. I should say that I was in the Royal Navy. I managed to make an appointment interview with the CSA office in the naval dockyard and was given some quite interesting information. Now its turns out that she was asking the CSA to perform a re-assessment as everyone knows that the Armed Forces have an annual payrise. Also i wasnt being asked to provide the information as they can have Read more

CSA ripping off my son

June 29, 2010

My son, Anthony James Wilde, has been paying maintenance for approximatly 16-17 years to his X wife for his two daughters, he as never tried to get away with it and he never would.

About 4 years ago his youngest daughter Victoria came to live with her father Anthony, so my son applied for maintenance payment through the CSA from his X wife he eventually started receiving some form of payment but not the same amount he had to pay his x wife, in fact the way it worked was Anthony first payed his contriburions then a week after his x wife would pay hers. Justice i dont think so.

After his daughter Victoria left school it wasnt long before the pay stopped coming from his X wife as Victoria managed to get an apprenticeship in a hairdressers. He was soon informed of the reason by the CSA. Yet when Anthony tried to Read more

Do I have to pay as ex has moved abroad?

June 29, 2010

Anyone help, split with my wife 10 years ago started paying csa of £120.00 a week. Was not allowed to see them because ex wife said they did not want to see me. Spent thousands trying to get access, but nothing. Then in 2003 ex wife contacted me saying my 4 daughters wanted to see me, all my ex wife wanted to do was tell me she was moving to Austria with them told me she would leave a forwarding address, which she did not.

CSA stopped but she keeps sending letters demanding money which my solicitor told me i did not have to pay as they were not living in uk anymore. Now i am being told i have to pay my ex wife and children back dated to 2003, and if i do not a warrent will be put out for my arrest

CSA and the father pays when they want

June 28, 2010

I had to deal with the csa as my ex would not pay anything for his son.

When the csa found him he would finish his job and get another, then they found him again. He told the csa he dont think he is the father, which he knew he was, so we had to do a dna test and he was because he got 2 other children from before.

They had to work out money so i had letters from csa saying that £29.50 will be taken out of his wages. I had it for a couple of weeks, then it stopped. I give up now, i phoned the csa which it took Read more

CSA bully me into paying

June 28, 2010

Having paid child support(UK) and been in and out of work due to redundency I finally got my arrears £10,000 to be exact. Shocked I rang and objected this due to not having letters to tell me previoulsy just the letters to say we are accessing etc.

Keep every dam letter you get you may need it, take names and department, ask for decisions and comments in writing, send for your data protection files regularly so that you can keep up to date with your case, they will not tell you.send constant letters once every couple of months asking that you are up to date, if changes inform by writing not phone, they always deny you rang (this did not help my late decision) I ended up paying and them they rang to say I was not paying enough, increased my amount sent me Read more

Ex refuses to pay child support

June 27, 2010

Im Spanish, My expartner(we were not marry) is english, we have two children. Me and my two children live in Spain. After we split up, He went back to england. He come and sees the children anytime he wants, the children stay with him and his parents in a hotel last time they were here.

Him or his family can ring the children anytime they wish and sometimes I take my children to a internet cafe (I havnt got computer and it cost me money) and they see their Dad and family using the webcam.

But He doesnt pay any child suport.

We have an agreement sign for both of us legal that had passed for spanish courts. He works as selfemployd doing reforms, and He saids that He only earns for him to survive. I told him to look for a Read more

Non resident parents are scum

June 27, 2010

As one of the very first CSA “guinea pigs” of 1994, I fought for years and years for maintenance for our little girl from my ex husband. He never willingly paid his fair share, and even went to the extent of leaving his longterm commercial Director role, and going self employed -purely in order to avoid paying maintenance. After tribunals, seeing umpteen solicitors, thousands of letters, copies of accounts, phonecalls and sheer frustration and desperation, I eventually got £12k in back arrears when our daughter was 17!

He still owes over 10k, but as the arrears are over 6 years old – they have closed my case and say that the great “British law system ” does not allow for arrears older than 6 years to be enforced. Our poor daughter now does not speak to Read more

CSA is unfairly treating me

June 26, 2010

In january 2009, totally out of the blue, i received a phone call from the csa telling me i owed them £15750.00.

As you can imagine i was totally taken aback by this as id had no contact with them since feb 2004, i argued on the phone that their was no way i owed them that sort of money and that they had made a mistake and must have assessed my case wrongly, only to be told that the figures were correct and i must pay in seven days or an order would be served against me.

I offered to pay £5 per week only to be told that this was no good as i would be dead before it was payed off!

I was also warned that they would re posees my house and property, also my car and take my driving licence off me. I told them i worked as a taxi driver and needed to drive, the reply was this is not their problem. In the end they said they would Read more

Ex not happy with the CSA’s assessment of me

June 26, 2010

Hi all i want to relay a few details with you and hopfully get some advice.

My ex partner has custody of my 2 lads now 15/16 respectivly. I was paying £40 a week but last year i had hardly any work (S/E Plasterer) due to recession etc. so i went 6 weeks not paying, then when i got a job in id pay into her account. Now she has got the hump and went to CSA ive been assessed.

Last years accounts have come to £7750 income after everthing was deducted. Now im told i have to pay £15 a week which is a paltry sum and im happy to pay more, she got it reassessed to get more. but im getting texts Read more

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