Ex not happy with the CSA’s assessment of me

June 26, 2010

Hi all i want to relay a few details with you and hopfully get some advice.

My ex partner has custody of my 2 lads now 15/16 respectivly. I was paying £40 a week but last year i had hardly any work (S/E Plasterer) due to recession etc. so i went 6 weeks not paying, then when i got a job in id pay into her account. Now she has got the hump and went to CSA ive been assessed.

Last years accounts have come to £7750 income after everthing was deducted. Now im told i have to pay £15 a week which is a paltry sum and im happy to pay more, she got it reassessed to get more. but im getting texts off her threatening me with fraud investigation and the like. I had a very good accountancy firm do my books, its all above board.

She wants me to stop seeing kids (even though they can think for them selves now). I know shes in the poo money wise. but im not paying for her and new partner no way, if kids come to mine they can have what ever they need. How can she do me for fraud when i sent csa original account docs?

I am more than happy to pay for the lads and have done for 16 years.


  • Brokenfather says:

    Chill, if your accounts are legit you have nothing to worry about and she can rant and rave as much as she likes lol.

    She isnt the first mother that thought they could get more via the CSA but in fact got less ….

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