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Ex refuses to pay child support

Im Spanish, My expartner(we were not marry) is english, we have two children. Me and my two children live in Spain. After we split up, He went back to england. He come and sees the children anytime he wants, the children stay with him and his parents in a hotel last time they were here.

Him or his family can ring the children anytime they wish and sometimes I take my children to a internet cafe (I havnt got computer and it cost me money) and they see their Dad and family using the webcam.

But He doesnt pay any child suport.

We have an agreement sign for both of us legal that had passed for spanish courts. He works as selfemployd doing reforms, and He saids that He only earns for him to survive. I told him to look for a cheaper flat (the one where he lives now cost him 625 pounds) and he could send me the diference or he could go to live with his parents temporaly. He said it wasnt possible, even his sister rung me and told me that what I asked for was totally unacceptible, I answered her that what it was totally unacceptible was that he wasnt feeding her own children.

I work little hours, it only gives me for the food. My mum is paying for the rent, bills, clothes, etc.. anything the children need and elsewell for a credit (“loan”) me and my ex have still in Spain.

What can I do if he is in england??? Can you help me please? Thank you very much.

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