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CSA ripping off my son

My son, Anthony James Wilde, has been paying maintenance for approximatly 16-17 years to his X wife for his two daughters, he as never tried to get away with it and he never would.

About 4 years ago his youngest daughter Victoria came to live with her father Anthony, so my son applied for maintenance payment through the CSA from his X wife he eventually started receiving some form of payment but not the same amount he had to pay his x wife, in fact the way it worked was Anthony first payed his contriburions then a week after his x wife would pay hers. Justice i dont think so.

After his daughter Victoria left school it wasnt long before the pay stopped coming from his X wife as Victoria managed to get an apprenticeship in a hairdressers. He was soon informed of the reason by the CSA. Yet when Anthony tried to phone the CSA, and I mean on many occasions he got no satisfaction.

He informed the CSA his eldest Daughter Abigail was also working and her mother was still claiming for her but the CSA done nothing at all about it, my son even informed the DHSS still nothing as been done. But now to put the extra nail in his coffin his eldest daughter has turned nineteen, Anthony has been told by the CSA he must continue making payments, the reason, the payments must be reduced gradually so his X wife doesnt feel the pinch.

By the way, his partner is due to give birthh in September. My son doesnt know I have asked for help for him, he seems to think no one beleives him well I do and I am worried he might do something drastic.

Please help, Anthony (senior)

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