CSA and the father pays when they want

June 28, 2010

I had to deal with the csa as my ex would not pay anything for his son.

When the csa found him he would finish his job and get another, then they found him again. He told the csa he dont think he is the father, which he knew he was, so we had to do a dna test and he was because he got 2 other children from before.

They had to work out money so i had letters from csa saying that £29.50 will be taken out of his wages. I had it for a couple of weeks, then it stopped. I give up now, i phoned the csa which it took 6 diffrent numbers as 1 department didnt know who had my files. Anyway they found them, the csa worker told me the father has an mp involved.

I dont understand, they give me another number then and i got talking to the case worker who i was dealing with in the first place. Thats all she told me was it can take another 3 weeks to be sorted as he got problems.

Its not right. I work to keep my family, why should he get away with it? OK can anything be sorted out because i now feel the csa are for him? Ive done nothing wrong, just had my child with the wrong man who lies about everything. Can anyone help please?


  • Karen Bedford says:

    Welcome to the World of the CSA and the ex who doesnt want to pay!

    Sorry but its the same old story, the CSA only go for the easy targets and if things get though the CSA leave alone!!

    Please join the facebook groups Child Support Agencies Failings and others for advice/support and stories from others, including myself – 12 yrs of csa hell!!

  • Tess says:

    Lisa, I have the same problem – he gets a deduction order and quits his job to go on benefits. He then gets the next order and quits his benefits to take a job. And so on and so forth. We just have to keep ploughing and demanding things get done. Karen – OMG 12 years, how have you not gone insane yet?! 🙂

  • laura says:

    Play him at his own game. You get your mp involved and put a complaint into the csa complaints team with the help of your mp. This may just light a fire under them and you can ask for consolotory payments for your troubles. They aren’t much but it is better than nothing

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