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Do I have to pay as ex has moved abroad?

Anyone help, split with my wife 10 years ago started paying csa of £120.00 a week. Was not allowed to see them because ex wife said they did not want to see me. Spent thousands trying to get access, but nothing. Then in 2003 ex wife contacted me saying my 4 daughters wanted to see me, all my ex wife wanted to do was tell me she was moving to Austria with them told me she would leave a forwarding address, which she did not.

CSA stopped but she keeps sending letters demanding money which my solicitor told me i did not have to pay as they were not living in uk anymore. Now i am being told i have to pay my ex wife and children back dated to 2003, and if i do not a warrent will be put out for my arrest

3 thoughts on “Do I have to pay as ex has moved abroad?

  1. Who exactly is saying you have to pay and you will be arrested if you dont?

    The CSA has no power to act if either parent resides abroad.

  2. you will only have to pay Child support if your wife has got a court order. As she has moved abroad the CSA cannot touch you and the only other option for your wife is to go to court.

    id you have not received any court papers then just ignore your wifes claim for child support.

    however we are talking about your children and even though your wife has refused you contact maybe when the kids are older they will want to see you. So my advice is to probably help them out as they are family.

  3. I sympathise entirely. I spent £50k trying to get custody and stop my ex-wife taking my kids to Australia only for a man-hating cafcass officier to make inadequte equiries and then issue a poor recommendation to the court where a gutless judge simply wanted to tick the box. Now she is going to Oz in 3 weeks and says the kids have to much to get done and have to miss my normal weekend contact. But she also wants me to confirm I’ll keep paying £2k per month child support when she goes. I love my kids so much but what am I teaching them by being a door mat !!

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