CSA bully me into paying

June 28, 2010

Having paid child support(UK) and been in and out of work due to redundency I finally got my arrears £10,000 to be exact. Shocked I rang and objected this due to not having letters to tell me previoulsy just the letters to say we are accessing etc.

Keep every dam letter you get you may need it, take names and department, ask for decisions and comments in writing, send for your data protection files regularly so that you can keep up to date with your case, they will not tell you.send constant letters once every couple of months asking that you are up to date, if changes inform by writing not phone, they always deny you rang (this did not help my late decision) I ended up paying and them they rang to say I was not paying enough, increased my amount sent me a letter of agreement, started paying, they rang 2 weeks later to say not enough needed all back in 24 months yet knew I was about to be made redundant so said they were not bothered, they would send me to court for liability and if I still did not pay start by prison, driving licenc, property (cheeky, cocky little xxxx on the phone).

I spent 23 years in the Army serving in wars for these little cocky xxxx to cheek me and tell me I need to get a job so that I can pay in a shorter time. Went to Independent Case and they only agreed one point that they were late assessing from Dec 03 to Sep 04 put me in debt from Dec of £75 per week because they would not backdate although they admit and apologies by letter they were late, then bless after all this agression from them they decided I could pay back in 3 years with a downpayment of £1500, what I originally asked for before court and being harassed by them.Now totally confused and angry, angry that they get away with how they treat people, the data protection files dont give all the telephone conversations, just what they want you to hear.Angry that I also pay into a system although they believe not. Happy that the Government may now make them redundant and I hope they get the same treatment I did from their previous collegues when they ring in stating that they are trying to live & struggling to pay.

I am now about to ring the CSA again to get in writing why they did not access my claim when they recd a letter which they eventually asked for from my previous boss dated Sep 04 but stating in the letter I had not been paid from Dec03. They say they take the date the evidence was rec’d yet never asked for it in the Dec03, asked for it in the Sep04,then did not access until March 2005, yet I cannot say anything to them. Never give in badger them for everyhing, wear them down.

When you receive your new payments ring and check how much arrears have gone on so that you yourself could consider paying a little more so that you do not get an end bill.


  • patrice says:

    its time to get rid of the c.s.a. it is totaly useless and unfair ,no consideration is given to the men at all ,the men have rent to pay and bills the same as the woman ,he also has h2 feed n clothe the kids when he has them,in many cases the woman is working and on good money ,the case i refer to ,the mother has 2 dogs ,a people carrier goes on holidays buys expensive clothes from next .and buys the kids all the latest expensive phones games n gadgets ,she only has her kids 3 days a wek because her father has them 2 days a week and there dad has them 2 days a week , there dad isnt on a good wage only has a k,a car which he has 2 have as the school is so far away n his work also , if the car should go wrong he would prob have 2 giv it up ,he wont b able 2 buy his children presents 4 xmas but the mum will using his money , so please c.s.a. b fair to the men

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