No communication from the CSA

June 30, 2010

Four years of trying to get something from my ex partner through the CSA. I have made numerous phone calls and got no where. They never ever have the correct information and i can never speak to my case worker, who i get told will call me back but never does.

I was told she did call me back when i stayed in all day waiting for a phone call, but she didnt, she had infact phoned someone else who couldnt pass the security questions.

Yet again i gave them the correct contact details. Each time i try to speak to my case worker i am told she is not in or wont deal with phone calls that day.

I have worked since Feb 2007 and have to confirm this on each phone call, because they think i have been on benefits so any debt is owed to the state and not me. Once they finally accepted this they said i was owed £7000. I expected things to get movingnow by giving them all my ex partners info, including business details and new address. But instead i was told i had rang up and cancelled any outstanding debt. I denied this and told them to investigate this saying it was a mistake and maybe my ex partners girlfriend rang up acting as me as they knew my security question answers.

I’ve hit a brick wall so many times and cant get a penny off my ex partner. The CSA have done nothing to help, each time i come off the phone im upset at how they have spoken to me. They have hung up on me a few times too.

They need better communication, and to stop treating this like a big joke.

I’m not actually sure what these people get paid to do, and where all the information goes which i give them.


  • Karen Bedford says:

    The CSA dont have any communication skills, you have to get the right person there and believe me after 12 yrs and numerous case workers there have been a handful of people who have tried to help.

    Please join the facebook groups

    Child Support Agencies Failings and others as there is advice and support on there.

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