Final amount keeps on changing

June 25, 2010

I am almost at the end of paying off thousands of pounds the CSA say I owed in arrears which at £300 a month has now taken over 5 years. I thought and along with all their correspondence that I only had 3 more payments left to pay, so I phoned them to make a one off payment. I then a bomb shell saying I actually owed them £600 more than they had originally said, then this weekend I received a statement saying I owed £900 more than all the paper work said.

I have just phoned them and they said ‘tuff’. There is nothing I can do as the last statement goes back to Read more

No proof I was paying my ex direct

June 25, 2010

I am concerned i have been told that i owe the Child support agency £30/000 pounds for my two children which one is 22 and the other is 18 i was shocked to find that i owe this amount

I was paying my ex wife but have no proof that i have paid her also the 22 year old was working for me at 16 yrs and earning £700 pound a month and living with me, and the same for my other son who was came to live with me and also worked for me to his mother still claimed his family allowance .

Also the ex wife worked with me at my company with her partner who has changed his name by depol because he don’t want to pay for his children child maintenance .

And they were taking £200 month off me out of my wages and they Read more

Paying CSA arrears but still they threaten bailiffs

June 24, 2010

Just been hit with liability order (scotland) says i have missed payments but have DOE in place and never missed payment since amount was agreed after lenghly arguments.

Spoke to them on phone and they are not backing down. My landlord says he will evict me because he does not want bailiffs at his door. I am already paying as much as i can, £61.oo per week for 1 child £46.00 for arrears of £21.500 which £19,500 are for my ex so why are csa chasing me for it?

They say i owe her it because she was not claiming benefits. Does council tax and housing benefit not count because i know she was claiming these things?

Any help would be great people

thank you
alex miller

Former employer did not pay DEO

June 24, 2010

I had a DEO placed on my case in 2005 . My ex employer signed and returned the form to say that he would deduct money from my wages , Turns out he wasnt paying the money and i am now having to pay the debt of almost £7000 .

I have argued my case with the CSA but they say they can not help and the debt lies with me . I am under the impression that the signed form is some sort of legal agreement between the CSA and your employer . If the employer does not pay , isnt down to the CSA to chase the money from the employer and isnt it breaking the law if this agreement is broken ?

I have sent details of all of this to the CSA and they have told me there is nothing that can be done to help . Even though i paid this DOE for 17 months , the CSA are adament that it was only for 5 months . THEY DO NOT EVEN HOLD THE CORRECT INFO !!!!!

You never get to speak to a case worker , you get Read more

CSA forces fathers onto benefits

June 23, 2010

When I was 18 my girlfriend at the time told me she wanted a baby. At the time I had a good job and we where renting a house together and I was nieve enough to believe it would last forever… Well it didn’t, we split up and I moved out. I lost my job soon after as I didn’t have any where to live and spent a couple of months pulling myself together.

As soon as I had a place to live and was working again I got in contact and offered to pay her some money towards looking after our child. She refused and told me to stay away. She had a new partner and didn’t want anything to do with me.

I fought for months to try and sort out an amicable solution where I could see my son but it all amounted to nothing and then with no word of warning they where gone. She moved house and changed her number.

Five years went by and I hadn’t seen or heard anything from them. I had tried everything, even finding some of her old friends to try and get back in contact. Then out of the blue she added me as a friend on facebook.

I jumped at the chance to see my son again. At this time I was working in Spain Read more

Broken contact orders do not interest the CSA

June 23, 2010

A verbal agreement existed between my ex partner and I in that she would inform the CSA that I was in the 53 to 103 shared accomodation bracket. Unbeknown to me the actual reason was because payments above this would reduce her benefits.

As soon as the government amended the benefit scenario at the start of 2010, she not only told the CSA that I was actually in the 0 to 52 night bracket (increasing the CSA payment), she requested a review of my wage (which can apparently be made at any time by the resident parent) but she also made false alligations to the Police that I had slapped one of my siblings hence the CSA could not (or would not!) take into account any variations due firstly to having no contact while the allegations were investigated and secondly due to no contact as part of the bail conditions pending CPS evaluation.

Now, a little history. My ex initially moved my children 120 miles away from me without consultation, took £25000 out of a renovation fund (and didnt declare this to the benefits agency). She then withheld the children from Read more

Mistakes with overpayment

June 22, 2010

Due to a mistake (which the DWP termed ‘wholly innocent’) I was paid CSA money and Income support for over a year. The DWP then took me to a tribunal to recover the money. Even though the tribunal found in their favour, they have written the debt off due to my ill health.

Now the CSA wants to recover what is effectively the same money – either I was entitled to CSA payments or income support, but this means I will effectively be told to pay back BOTH. It is making me really ill. How can they do this?

The DWP case file already says that the overpayment was down to a CSA error. The woman I spoke to at the CSA (Audrey Gordon) spoke like it was her personal vendetta -‘You will have to pay!’ and ‘I will Read more

CSA does not care about you

June 22, 2010

The government don’t give a fvck about children,what they do care about is money, every one in the UK is enslaved in one way or another,we are to them just numbers.

I will tell you all about the UK and its all about contract law the whole country works that way and there is no other way. Now lets take the workers at the CSA they are just chaff just like that inspector who slit his own wrists? the CSA workers are just part of a machine which has developed its own momentum, they live and work in their own little protected bubble and have been programed what to say and told what to think, they are the same as phone cold callers they are reading from a script and they don’t care,even If you get the odd one who says they do, don’t fall for it.

Those in power in the UK are stubborn beyond belief all they want is money and if a few hundred kill themselves because of dept they will just shrug their shoulders, they will of course pretend to care and issue a pre Read more

CSA say I owe them arrears when I always paid on time

June 21, 2010

I worked for a company for 20 years and my csa was taken out every month.

Now i have had a letter through saying i owe them £700 pound which they have taken £400 out in a lump sum which i am very angry at. I always paid my csa and now my son is 20 and says i owe this money from last year – what the hell is going on arrgggh?

The CSA punishes fathers who pay

June 21, 2010

The csa has been trying to get arrears off of me. They took me to court and the judge said the figures were wrong and should be recalculated.

Since then i have heard nothing from the csa untill i get a baliff knocking my door for the moneys owed. It seems they took me back to court without my knowledge and got the original ammount in a liability order.

I pay for my children monthly, direct from my wages, and some off the arrears but they are saying the arrears are not being paid off fast enough. I do not have the money to pay the liability order and dont know what to do next.

I feel the csa punish the fathers who pay.

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