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CSA is unfairly treating me

In january 2009, totally out of the blue, i received a phone call from the csa telling me i owed them £15750.00.

As you can imagine i was totally taken aback by this as id had no contact with them since feb 2004, i argued on the phone that their was no way i owed them that sort of money and that they had made a mistake and must have assessed my case wrongly, only to be told that the figures were correct and i must pay in seven days or an order would be served against me.

I offered to pay £5 per week only to be told that this was no good as i would be dead before it was payed off!

I was also warned that they would re posees my house and property, also my car and take my driving licence off me. I told them i worked as a taxi driver and needed to drive, the reply was this is not their problem. In the end they said they would accept £5 per week, which i paid until the slips ran out, later that year i was asked to pay £7,32 per week.

In jan 2010 i was contacted by a lady called ‘pam stevenson‘ telling me the debt had to be paid in seven days or else, i argued again that these figures were in correct and should be re assessed. She told me in no uncertain terms that this would not happen and the liabillity was mine and must be paid, can i say this lady’s attitude disgusted me and she should not work dealing front line with the public.

To keep this letter short, and after letters to M P s etc, and also being summonsed to appear in court, which didnt happen, a lady called helen rowley at the complaints dept at csa said she would look into my case and also look at some of the assessments. After a few weeks she told me their were mistakes made and that the new figure was £5130,00, over 10k less than the original figure.

May i finish by saying that this has been a terrible ordeal for me and my wife as at one point we both thought that we would lose our home and possesions. I understand these people have a job to do but i feel they are unfairly treating easy targets like myself and maurice so as to make their figures look better.

yours john.

2 thoughts on “CSA is unfairly treating me

  1. Hi John you and so many others who have been treated unfairly by this corrrupt Agency. It is down to the fact that they have managed to get away with all of their threatening actions because nobody dare challenge them and if you do, you are classed as non compliant.
    We have discovered ways of stopping these muppets in their tracks sometimes you can use their own legislation to fire back at them.
    Our Association have grown into a strong group of dads taking on the CSA and we are starting to bite into them. Did you know it is unlawful to repossess your home, did you know the Magistrates Court cannot remove your license,
    COme and take a look at our site and find out the true corruption going on within this private run for profit company trading as the CSA

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