I lost my job so ex has gone to CSA and having new man adopt my kids

June 30, 2018

I split from my wife two and a half years ago but we stayed married for the sake of our girls until she met her very wealthy new partner, whose wife had died. I was paying her directly every month, for much of the time more than what the minimum CSA suggested (at the time I was on £40k).

I lost my job in February, but still made the March payment. I explained to her that when I was back in work I would resume the payments, but she has gone to the CSA and they are now taking 40% of the minimum wage I am earning in temporary roles.

She has claimed to have an income of £139 a month from benefits, but is actually a company director living in a massive house, whilst I am living back with my parents.

She has got the council working on him legally adopting my girls and I really don’t know where I stand with anything at all right now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

CSA can’t see that self-employed ex is clearly lying to them

June 29, 2018

I have 3 children with my ex partner, he never paid a penny in maintenance for 5yrs. I decided to go through the csa, he pays me £30 a month. Hes self employed & claims he only earns £66 a week, so he pays the flat rate. How stupid can the csa be in thinking that a person self employed would go out to work for £66 a week & also be able to afford to pay for an extension on there house.

Ex avoids CSA with fraudulent documents and nothing is done about it

June 28, 2018

I tried getting child support from my sons dad when I lived  in London 2002-2013. But even though he was working  I always got a reply back saying he owes 0. This was because he would use different ni numbers I was to find out. They had his name dob and address but still wasn’t enough. I then moved to Denmark and the government here tried to find to pay child support through them but again nothing. I wonder if the csa has gotten any better with con artist like him ? He’s never paid anything , he’s a fraudulent person on other things . Fake passport etc. I did let the police and court system know when I went to court to be allowed to take my son to Denmark. But they never did anything . He’s always had access to my son but never done anything about it. How he can get away with not paying for a child for over 15 years is mind boggling.

Partner’s ex won’t pay and CMS aren’t helping the matter

June 21, 2018

I’m writing in desperation to seek your help in regards to a huge outstanding Child Maintenance Service case between my partner and her ex.

Around 5 year ago they parted company, and ever since, the payments he has been expected to make for the wellbeing of his children have been sporadic at best.

My partner and I have been together for 18 months now and in that time he has been absent from the boys life for lengthy periods of time and has contributed very little. When he has contributed it’s been in cash and less than the already reduced amount agreed between mother and father.

The CMS are aware and there is a case number outstand. The last outstanding debt amount communicated was circa £11,000. I count an additional £2,500 has been missed since that amount was provided to him and my partner.

The CMS recently took him to court where he lied, telling the court he was paying my partner directly and regularly. Previous to this he told my partner that he wasn’t earning even though we have seen many pictures on social media showing him enjoying nights out with friends and highlighting his new clothing purchases. As a further example, he was recently at Park Life festival yet still failed to provide any payment for his children.

Luckily for my partner I earn a good salary. At the moment I’m footing the bill to ensure their two children do not go without and to make sure our own daughter (7 months old) also gets the best we can possibly afford. Once my partner has completed her maternity leave, she will seek out a new role and go back into full time work. Until then though, the CMS payments that should be made, would be providing my partner with additional income so she doesn’t feel like she has to ask me all the time for money to pay for the boys school trips, football clubs etc.

To add insult to injury, there have been times when he turned up to our property and threatened my partner not to mention the numerous text and voicemails of the same malicious content when she prompts him that his children need income from their father too. Raising this again only today, my partner was met with more shouting down the phone saying he wasn’t paying for swimming lessons for his kids (I had advised her to speak to him about paying directly for the children’s needs rather than into her bank as a way of compromise).

This cannot go on. The CMS have already had over 24 months on this case. If my partner had remained a single mum she would have more than likely lost her home, car and job, all through ensuring their children were fed, clothed and had a roof over their head. Like many single mothers in the same position, she would have then been forced into claiming benefits, something she has never done and never intends to do.

I’m not sure what I expect you to do, but as stated this is now an act of desperation. I do not want my daughter, my home, my partner or my ‘step’ children having to go through this constant upset and torment because someone at the CMS isn’t moving fast enough and the Police are unwilling to ‘stop’ him from coming round here until he actually COMMITS an act of crime.

Where is the safety of good innocent people? People that pay taxes? Where is the justice for a mother who is constantly threatened when she tries to do the right and just thing by her boys?

I look forward to your reply. I hope you can at least provide some comfort or guidance as a minimum to help us get things moving.

Daughter is moving in with her boyfriend’s family so who do I pay now?

June 19, 2018

My 16 yr old daughter (still in full-time education) who lives with her mother is stating that she is going to live with her boyfriends family. My question is how does this work with regards to maintenance. I am assuming that both myself and my ex wife will have to pay maintenance to her BF family? Would the child benefit also need to be moved over to the BF family? My ex is telling my daughter that she will not have to pay anything and she still gets to keep the child beneft too, which I am sure is incorrect. Any advice/guidance would be really appreciated.

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