Deductions from Earnings letter and no reason from the CSA?

July 31, 2011

Paying £221 per month deducted from my earnings. Only calculated last year. Today my employer is asked to increase it to £444 per month.

I have had no letter. I have another son at college and my wife is out of work. How do you find an extra £220 a month!!. The son I pay for is 18 and just finished 2 years at college. Who do you contact to sort this out? I have never had any joy with the CSA and have been involved with them since 1993.

CSA closed my case and won’t give a reason

July 31, 2011

After 9 yrs of applying for maintenance, in 2005 i was awarded weekly money plus arrears. Two weeks later i recieved a csa letter telling me my case was closed, no explanantion, nothing. I applied again and recieved a letter telling me i was awarded weekly payments and arrears from when i applied again, basically 12 weeks arrears. I called the csa today to find out where the money was, was told my case was closed, and given no reason.

I was told to write to the complaints dept and after min 28 days they’d tell me the reason why. My ex works, so does his wife, why can’t i get maintenance for my child?

Ex has own business and will not pay the Child Support Agency

July 30, 2011

I’m really sorry for the fathers and mothers who are being made fools of by ex partners and the CSA.

my daughters father happens to have 2 houses, a car and his own business and is refusing to pay me anything. This happened suddenly after 12 years of paying on the dot.

Currently I work 4 jobs and cannot work any more hours to compensate for the loss of money.

My point is this though: it is my mother and father and my current partner who are having to put their hands in their pocket and help. Where is the fairness in that?

Ex wife set the CSA on me; what should I do?

July 30, 2011

I agreed in principle to my Ex wife following divorce that she could keep all benefits for the children as she needed them to obtain her mortgage – I found that she wasn’t happy with just that and set the CSA onto me. I have 50/50 shared care of the children and have to provide exactly the same as she does – school uniforms/lunches/activities etc.

The CSA told me that they prefer in shared care situations for the parents to sort things out between themselves – my money motivated ex wont discuss anything. I now wish to claim the child benefit for the children as I cant manage if she is to have all benefits and CSA money (£270/month). Have there been many success with trying to get child benefit from ex wives whereby 2 children are involved? 1 claim each?

How easy is it as I know my ex wont want to give it up. Is it as simple as filling in an application form and letting the DWP sort out who gets what?

Please help me with the Child Support Agency

July 29, 2011

I am having some extreme problems right now with the CSA. about almost 2years ago I was working within the entertainments industry where upon a night of celebration at work got extremely hammered. I know its something your probally used to hearing however for me, this is not something I do regulary, more or less never!

So anyway the night progressed on of which I have no recognition of up to when I was at the bar with a few friends having drinks.

3 weeks later I was contacted by a female claiming we had slept with each other on that night, and Read more

CSA wants money I believe I don’t owe

July 29, 2011

My son who was 15 at the time was no longer living with his mother, he was a gang member at this time and was staying at friends and my parents as he did not get along with her and his mother’s new partner. All previous years i was supporting her with maintenance amongst ourselves, until he moved out. I contributed where I can to my parents and to when I saw him but stopped paying his mother As he was no longer living there, but she complained that he still came up to the house to eat and wash and that i should still pay maintenance, i told her i couldn’t afford any more money so she went to the CSA.

I received one call from them, in which i explained my story that he wasn’t living there etc.. and at this moment he had been incarcerated (for 2 yrs). They said they were gonna send out a form, but before that came I went traveling for 2 yrs, all mail was returned. A bail lift letter was forward to me while abroad asking for £1700, i wrote them to say i will be back in the UK this year 2011.

Right now I’m absolutely broke (even to call them). I’m not back at the previous address, but worried to even start a job, as they will just take money out where i believe I don’t owe. Can I defend this case??

Ex refuses to keep payments up to date

July 28, 2011

My main concern about the useless CSA is that I brought my case to them and from then on they have failed to contact me or hear any of my complaints. They continue to treat this useless father as there client, they never inform me of what is going on with the case and they continue to make arrangements behind my back. Why are we as mothers never heard.

I know what he has and am not asking for more than he can pay, yet he submits figures to them and information that show he is not earning enough even to live himself and I get awarded £2.50 a week, my daughter has £3.50 a day from me and this also covers her dinner money.

No fear, I know this man will rot in hell. CSA is such a waste of time and I intend to take the matter further, I ain’t giving up. It’s been two years now and even though they awarded £2.50 a week, he still is not up to date and they had the cheek to write me a letter about over-payment, how do they get away with it. I know, as there is a god, he will rot in hell.

CSA money spent on drink by ex

July 28, 2011

I have being paying maintenance to the C.S.A. since 2000, first for my daughter and son now for just my son, I have not had any contact with them since 2001 I did try and go for acessbut as i was unable to claim legal aide (my ex was) i could not afford the legal fees, (i was left with £80 aweek) I did speak to the C.S.A. about reducing my payments to help me gain access but was told that the welfare and well being of my children was not there concern just the collection of money! In 2006 i was informed that i would be moving to the new 2003 scheme.

In 2010 my maintenance was reveiwed and i was told that i was still on the old scheme as they had trouble with the computer system and i could not be moved over, My payments now are £459 amonth for one child and as the C.S.A. has now introduced benefit disrecard my ex gets all her benefits plus the maintenance, and the only people who benefit is not my son but the local pub, costcutters and Read more

Forced to pay too much to the CSA

July 27, 2011

I have been paying the csa for many years, i had some bad times in the past so was unable to pay but have been paying without fail since. The csa re assessed me and said i owed £9000 in arrears which i guess may be right? So i discussed this with them and a weekly amount was agreed. Then they sent a letter saying i owed £14000 so i called them to see why they had increased it.

After i went a bit mad at them on the phone and said i wanted to make an official complaint, one of their accountants called me to explain that i was part of csa 1?? and we were now on csa 3?? means nothing to me but he explained that the system had not been taking the right amount from me, so i have been underpaying which has put the figure up. Obviously im not happy because i have to pay £121.60 a week which is a massive lump of my wages.

I take home about £350 a week, out of that i have to pay all my bills and expenses. I have questioned weather the “6 year” rule to debt is valid but they say no. this is really crippling me any help please would be much appreciated

Ex from HELL ducks paying the CSA

July 27, 2011

My son was born in August 2009, i was not with his father at that point, we had dated ror a number of months and subsiquently he had done a runner after informing him i was expecting. He has seen his son twice and i have had major problems ever since with the CSA. Not bad enough being subjected to taking a DNA test i then had to go through the pain of giving birth to him alone and the years since i have struggled finacially bringing him up. I have been with my current partner since my son was 4 months old and without him i know me and my son would be in an even worse dire finacal state.

I have never claimed benefits other than child benefit so since my son was 4 months old i have only been recieving 20 pounds a week. I orginally started getting CSA payments (two months) , but these soon stopped when my ex had another Read more

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