CSA wants money I believe I don’t owe

July 29, 2011

My son who was 15 at the time was no longer living with his mother, he was a gang member at this time and was staying at friends and my parents as he did not get along with her and his mother’s new partner. All previous years i was supporting her with maintenance amongst ourselves, until he moved out. I contributed where I can to my parents and to when I saw him but stopped paying his mother As he was no longer living there, but she complained that he still came up to the house to eat and wash and that i should still pay maintenance, i told her i couldn’t afford any more money so she went to the CSA.

I received one call from them, in which i explained my story that he wasn’t living there etc.. and at this moment he had been incarcerated (for 2 yrs). They said they were gonna send out a form, but before that came I went traveling for 2 yrs, all mail was returned. A bail lift letter was forward to me while abroad asking for £1700, i wrote them to say i will be back in the UK this year 2011.

Right now I’m absolutely broke (even to call them). I’m not back at the previous address, but worried to even start a job, as they will just take money out where i believe I don’t owe. Can I defend this case??


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